CHICAGO — Nortek needed all hands on deck at the AHR Expo as the company showcased numerous new equipment lines in multiple categories, including split system air conditioners, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) units, data center management modules, heat pumps, gas/electric packaged systems, and more.

“Like all manufacturers, we’re focused on keeping up with government regulations across all our product lines,” said Philip Windham, president, residential HVAC, Nortek Global. “Additionally, we’re aiming to deliver comfort to our customers as efficiently as possible across a wide range of solutions.”


Nortek Global HVAC introduced a new line of next-generation Mammoth Light Commercial packaged rooftop units (RTUs) at the expo. Model R7TQ is available in 6-, 7.5-, and 10-ton sizes. These RTUs fit directly on common pre-existing curbs without the need for curb adapters, eliminating delays and saving installation time. Even gas and electric connections are in the same location as many older units, so no service reroutes are required.

“We created our rooftop products for contractors, building owners, and facility managers who need low-cost, drop-in direct replacements,” said Dave Garvin, product manager at Nortek Global HVAC. “Now, our customers can easily replace outdated units with a rugged and innovative design available in our Mammoth brand.”

The unit’s components are factory-installed using Nortek Global HVAC Demand Flow Technology (DFT). Foam panel construction and hinged panel doors are standard. The 1-inch foam panel wall construction ensures IAQ is fiberglass-free, which inhibits mold growth. Panel walls are easy to clean and provide a super-high R-value. High-quality hinges eliminate screws on the roof and keep the access doors in place, even in high-wind conditions.

“We believe the construction quality is what makes these rooftop units a real game changer,” continued Garvin. “The many improvements we’ve made for this product line stand to make a major impact for our customers.”

At 12.7 IEER, model R7TQ met federal minimum efficiency standards well in advance of the 2018 implementation date.


Nortek also showcased its all-new 16-SEER, 12-EER, 8.2-HSPF, energy-efficient Q7RF packaged heat pump. This two-stage heat pump includes all-aluminum Micro-Channel evaporator and condenser coils, which are lightweight, small in size, durable, and reliable in harsh environments. The model is Energy Star listed and qualifies for federal, state, and utility rebates.

The Q7RF single-packaged heat pump features a small footprint for ease of installation. Micro-Channel coils contribute to the smaller size of the unit and offer exceptional heat transfer for high efficiency.

Each unit features Nortek Global HVAC’s patented defrost process. Traditional fin-and-tube heat pumps have coil headers on the sides and defrost horizontally. However, in a Micro-Channel heat pump, the coil is rotated 90 degrees so that the headers are at the top and bottom, not the sides. If the defrost started from the top-down, the bottom of the coil would never defrost completely. The Nortek Global HVAC patented process adds a hot gas bypass so that hot gas goes from the top down as well as the bottom up, ensuring the entire coil gets defrosted.

The F series is available in the Broan® and Frigidaire® brands. The PSA/PSH series, is available in the Maytag® brand.

“Our engineering and product management team worked very hard to pull this together and give customers something new, and they’re really happy about that,” said Windham. “From a design perspective, we thought long and hard about the serviceability of this unit. We spent a lot of time to ensure not only its reliability but how it’s installed and maintained. For example, each panel has only a pair of screws to get to the coils."


Nortek Global HVAC also exhibited a line of commercial VRF multi-zone systems. The complete line consists of V5 mini VRF heat pumps, V5 modular heat pumps, and V5 heat recovery systems.

These VRF systems offer contractors and consumers several benefits, including a user-friendly selection software; longer piping lengths for more flexibility on each job; simple, easy-to-install communication wiring; minus 22°F (minus 30°C) heating performance; indoor units that automatically address conditions, eliminating the need to set dipswitches manually; simple debugging/commissioning software; and more. The V5 VRF systems feature DC inverter-driven compressors for precise temperature control. Up to 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) of total piping length and up to 36 indoor connections make them easy to install, network, and maintain. Standard gold and blue fin coating provides increased performance and greater corrosion resistance.

The V5 mini VRF systems are designed for light commercial or residential applications. Their compact design and inner profile make them adaptable to tight spaces, and they feature up to 984 feet (300 meters) of total pipe length.

Both feature an energy-efficient, ultra-quiet DC inverter compressor and powerful heating capacity in low ambient temperature.

These 208/230V condensers are available in 3-, 4-, or 5-ton sizes and will accommodate up to seven, eight, or nine zones.

Indoor units are available in wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, console, universal floor/ceiling, and ducted-type units.

“Commercial VRF systems are growing in popularity due to their efficiency and flexibility,” said Keith Clark VRF national sales manager, Nortek Global HVAC. “We’re proud to offer a high-value VRF product at a reasonable price, so our contractor customers can be competitive on jobs.”

The VRF unit will be marketed under the Gibson brand.

“Our VRF operates at minus 22° at 80 percent capacity, which differentiates us from some of the other brands here on the show floor,” Windham said. “We had a customer from Wisconsin recently call and say, ‘We forgot to install the auxiliary heat, but we wanted you to know the building is at 68°. We forgot we had to do it because the building is working so well without it.’ We enjoy hearing success stories like that.”


Nortek exhibited several other products, including the R7TQ gas/electric packaged system, which was a bronze winner in the HVAC light commercial category of The NEWS’ 14th annual Dealer Design Awards; the 96 percent AFUE Model FG7TE/FG7TN gas furnace, which comes with a factory-installed electronically commutated motor (ECM) and programmable control board; and more.   

Publication date: 2/26/2018