LAS VEGAS — With approximately 80 percent of exhibitors indicating they will be displaying new or enhanced products, systems, and technologies at the 2017 Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration (AHR) Expo, there is bound to be something of interest for anyone attending the show.

“It’s exciting to see such enthusiasm around the rebounding North American building and construction industry and subsequent growth in demand for the latest evolution of products, technologies, and services the HVACR industry has to offer,” said Clay Stevens, president of International Exposition Co. “With this resurgence, a spirit of ingenuity and creativity has flourished among HVACR manufacturers, and we’re pleased to present the venue at which the results of this will be displayed for 2017.”

As one of the largest events in the HVACR industry, the AHR Expo will host close to 2,000 exhibitors and bring in crowds of more than 60,000 industry professionals.


Some of the major innovations to be unveiled at the 2017 AHR Expo echo several trends driven by the growing construction market, such as green building, which is now a common initiative with building products and practices. The role of IAQ also continues to strengthen as awareness of its importance in promoting comfortable and healthy indoor spaces has grown substantially.

The rapidly returning residential construction market is another strong trend that will be seen on the show floor, evidenced by numerous new heating, cooling, and ventilation products that will be on display. In addition, there will be a strong focus on remodeling, renovation, and new product system solutions designed specifically for installation in smaller and/or logistically challenging spaces.

Recognizing the skilled labor shortage, some exhibitors will highlight their increasing pre-fab and off-site construction methods used for modular equipment, which can offer multiple installation configurations and more compact footprints. New tools and other resources that streamline mechanical system installations and repairs will also be displayed.


For HVAC contractors, attending the AHR Expo means having the opportunity to meet with vendors face to face as well as learn more about the products being introduced to the market. Exhibitors, such as LG Air Conditioning Solutions, which has hosted an AHR Expo booth for more than 15 years, feel the same way.

“LG enjoys the opportunity to engage with our customers face to face and further demonstrate our commitment to creating products and solutions that will save energy and drive personal comfort — two of our top priorities,” said Leigh-Ann Oberg, marketing communications manager, LG Air Conditioning Solutions. “The AHR Expo provides a timely opportunity to meet with our customers and industry partners to discuss not only the latest LG HVAC solutions coming to market but also engage in a larger dialogue about the future of the HVAC industry and LG’s innovative vision for it.”

Part of that dialogue at this year’s show will no doubt focus on LG’s expanded Multi V S line, which now includes a 2-ton heat pump and 5-ton heat recovery model and is designed to provide the efficiency and versatility of simultaneous heating and cooling, even in the most extreme weather, said Oberg. “The Multi V S system utilizes single-phase power so it can be used residentially as well as in a wide range of commercial applications, which offers increased flexibility and efficiency for property owners.”

Johnson Controls Inc., which has had a booth at the AHR Expo for 62 years, also relishes the opportunity to engage with customers face to face. “I enjoy listening to their challenges and discussing how our diverse portfolio of products, services, and technologies can produce long-term support to solve their needs,” said Bill Jackson, vice president and president of global products, building technologies and solutions, Johnson Controls. “Additionally, the event offers a forum to show building owners/managers, engineers, and contractors how Johnson Controls’ diverse brands and holistic approach to solving customer challenges will save time and money with comprehensive solutions.”

Some of those new solutions will include:

Verasys™, a plug-and-play system that integrates HVACR equipment and controls. Designed for light commercial buildings, this controls system provides a simple user experience with configurable controllers that seamlessly connect to a vast array of mechanical and electrical equipment, controls, and sensors;

York’s EcoAdvance™, which captures and removes molecular contaminants from indoor air and manages the flow of outside air into a building; and

BlueStream™ hybrid cooling system, which is designed to reduce water consumption in traditional cooling tower systems when compared to all-evaporative heat rejection systems.

In addition to these new technologies, the Johnson Controls booth will include a presentation theater, where subject matter experts will present on a variety of industry-related topics. “Now that we’ve completed our merger with Tyco, we’ll be talking a lot about the new Johnson Controls and our role in building technology integration,” said Jackson.


After taking in all the new technologies offered by vendors, show attendees will have the chance to participate in numerous free seminars and presentations, paid programming, and professional certification exams. This includes the New Product and Technology Theater, which will feature more than 100 presentations that feature the latest innovations being introduced by exhibitors. Attendees can participate in these free 20-minute overview sessions in order to better understand the cutting-edge products and technologies being displayed on the show floor.

Visitors to the event will also have the opportunity to attend more than 50 free seminars on a wide variety of topics that will be presented by endorsing associations and other HVACR industry groups. These industry expert-led one- and two-hour sessions have been designed to allow for easy integration of valuable education time into attendees’ overall show agendas.

One of those opportunities is a town hall meeting, hosted by the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA), which will provide the opportunity for an open-forum discussion on the topic of technology integration into HVACR practices. Ron Zimmer, CABA president and CEO, will guide dialogue on topics, including automation, usage tracking, and ways to increase efficiency through the latest technological advances in the industry.

The Building Automation and Control (BAC) Showcase will also return this year, giving attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest building automation and controls technologies. Software and control system developers have been hard at work over the past year, further elevating the power of building automation, and their impressive array of technologies will be on display at the AHR Expo. Also featured will be building automation system (BAS) solutions that are designed to perform optimally in certain applications (e.g., critical environments) with specific mechanical equipment or in targeted types of construction.

Numerous courses, continuing educational sessions, and opportunities for testing will be offered for a nominal fee during the AHR Expo.

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Publication date: 1/16/2017

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