Thanks to input from numerous contractors and technicians, JB Industries Inc. has built a refrigerant recovery machine with features that make this necessary task fast and easy.

The winner of the 2016 gold award in the Dealer Design Awards (DDA) Refrigeration and Ice Machines category is the company’s F6 dual-piston refrigerant recovery unit. JB Industries surveyed a diverse group of contractors, asking what they’d like to see in an ideal recovery machine. The verdict was a machine that removes refrigerant quickly, allowing the technician to move on to the next job; is easy to carry; and is light in color, so it would not get too hot on rooftops.

The F6 features a 1-horsepower (hp) motor, a dual-piston compressor, and a high-efficiency microchannel condenser, which helps it to quickly recover refrigerants. It has a heavy-duty handle with a comfortable grip as well as a removable strap to help techs carry it up to rooftop units while keeping their hands free to hold on to a ladder. It allows technicians to self-purge the unit without changing hoses, and it has an oversized cooling fan for excellent heat dissipation.

The F6’s large microchannel condenser helps lower discharge temperatures and pressures, which is especially useful for recovery in hot ambient temperatures. The unit’s light color prevents it from getting too hot in warmer conditions. It also was designed with simplicity in mind — only two knobs operate the unit, and step-by-step operating instructions are affixed to the side of the unit.

Ken Smith, president of Modern Heating Air Conditioning & Commercial Refrigeration Inc. in Sparks, Nevada, said he regularly recovers refrigerant from systems containing up to 20 pounds. He praised the F6 dual-piston refrigerant recovery unit for its efficiency and simplicity.

“I’ve been at this a while, and the F6 is probably the easiest recovery unit to use I’ve ever come across,” Smith said. “It’s very straightforward with only two knobs — recovery and purge. Some of the other units I’ve used over the years have been a little more cumbersome and a little less user-friendly. For what we do, the F6 works very well.”

Tim Olah, owner and president of Olah & Sons Inc. in Big Rock, Illinois, said he started using the F6 about three months ago. Thus far, the unit has worked flawlessly, and its fast recovery speed sets it apart.

“I had been using a different recovery unit, but the JB Industries F6 machine with its 1-hp motor works quite a bit faster,” he said. “You just hook it up and it gets the job done, and we all know time is money.”

Olah also praised the F6’s quietness and its quality construction.

“It’s quieter than other recovery units I’ve used, and it looks and feels like a heavy-duty, high-quality piece of equipment,” he said. “It’s also simple to use, and there are step-by-step instructions on the side, where you can’t lose them.”

According to David Madden, chief information officer, JB Industries, “The F6 dual-piston refrigerant recovery unit recovers refrigerant very quickly, especially when it comes to R-410A. And it gives them peace of mind by having a three-year OTC warranty.”


The Russell R-Series Next-Gen MiniCon multi-refrigerant air-cooled condensing units from Heat Transfer Products Group took home the silver award in this category.

According to reps from the Heat Transfer Products Group, this product line is designed to be contractor-friendly and to conform with upcoming U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) standards for walk-in coolers and freezers. It also provides the versatility to immediately supply current installations with equipment that utilizes refrigerants that have been identified as “key acceptable refrigerants” per the latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program delisting rulings, which become effective for split systems and remote condensing units Jan. 1, 2018.

These units are available with scroll or hermetic compressors that range ½-6 hp for medium- and low-temperature applications in walk-in cooler and freezer settings. These refrigeration-duty units are designed for use with a wide range of refrigerants and are compatible with R-404A, -407A, -407C, -448A, and -449A.

Ken Rothgeb, vice president and general manager, Heat Transfer Products Group, said the condensing units feature a generously sized, high-efficiency, air-cooled condenser with an integral sub-cooling circuit that allows saturated liquid to flow from the receiver to the condenser, where the refrigerant achieves additional sub-cooling. This feature is designed to increase efficiency and provide excellent system operating stability.


The Quick Response Controller (QRC) from Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, the bronze winner in this category, is a simplified refrigeration evaporator control solution. It is designed to provide excellent overall system performance and energy savings by performing three key functions for refrigeration unit coolers: automatic superheat control, room temperature control, and optimized intelligent defrost. According to Heatcraft reps, the QRC combines electronic expansion valves, superheat control, defrost algorithms, and fan cycling that result in fast temperature pulldowns, stable operating temperatures, and improved overall energy efficiency.

The QRC can be used in many refrigeration applications, including food service, convenience stores, institutional facilities, and large cold storage projects.

“The Quick Response Controller enables the HVACR industry to use superior digital controls in commercial refrigeration applications because of its affordability, rich product feature set, and simple installation,” said Jeff Johnson, senior manager, channel management, Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration.

JB Industries Inc.
F6 Dual Piston Refrigerant Recovery Unit

Heat Transfer Products Group LLC
Russell R-Series Next-Gen MiniCon Multi-refrigerant Air Cooled Condensing Units

Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration
Quick Response Controller

Publication date: 7/18/2016

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