Global Plasma Solutions spent more than three years on the research and design of its new GPS-iClean, a patent pending bipolar needlepoint ionization generator with a 0- to 4,800-cfm rated capacity. The self-cleaning air purifier requires no replacement parts and can accept 24-240 vac universal input, so there is only one model number, and no external transformer is required. The unit’s ease of installation as well as its nearly nonexistent maintenance requirements have earned it gold in the Indoor Air Quality category.

“Having the same module compatible with 24, 120, and 240 vac makes finding a suitable power source much easier, and being able to attach the module mounting flange in the ductwork inside or outside makes it easier to find a good location to mount the iClean,” said Ron Patch, president of Electronic Controls Inc. in Chattanooga, Tennessee. “Based on our years of experience using different bi-polar ionization technologies, the big thing GPS figured out was how to make ions without ozone. We have an ozone meter, and it doesn’t register any ozone off of the GPS modules.”

Richard Will, vice president of operations for Mounts Electric Inc. in Evansville, Indiana, said he also appreciates that the GPS-iClean operates on multi-voltage and has a set of dry contacts for statuses or alarms. He likes “the fact that it is self-cleaning, and the cleaning cycle can be programed to fit the operating environment.”

Charles Waddell, president of Global Plasma Solutions, said the GPS-iClean was designed with the dealer and end user in mind. To accomplish this, the company utilized focus groups, rep council meetings, and homeowner feedback to improve the technology, which now includes the features as shown today.

“Based on GPS’ sales manager’s input as well as homeowners’ feedback, GPS developed a self-cleaning, no-maintenance system,” Waddell said. “Even though the other products GPS offered required minimal maintenance, many people didn’t want to take the time to clean off the product to maintain the output at peak operation.”

The GPS-iClean is provided inside a water-tight enclosure, so it can be mounted in indoor or outdoor ductwork. The unit also has an integral display that alternates between the system statuses (On, Cleaning, Fault, Number of Days Operating, etc.). The GPS-iClean is provided with alarm contacts to tie into a BMS on commercial projects, or the contacts can be used to activate a remote panel light in residential applications. The technology has been third-party tested to UL 867 ozone chamber tests to prove no ozone or other byproducts are produced.

Installation of the GPS-iClean is also simple for the dealer. The technician needs to drill a 4-inch round hole on the return or supply air duct, and the device permanently mounts to the duct using only four sheet metal screws. Wing nuts are also provided in each box in case the client has duct board. The housing already has the gasket applied to save time in the field and ensure a proper fit, and the internal unit is easily removed from the duct during follow-up inspections by using the integral ¾-inch-turn locking feature. The unit snaps on and off the duct with just a quick twist. The unit also comes with an integral test button to check the operation status of the self-cleaning feature.

“The next phase of this particular product will have features including Wi-Fi connectivity and integral IAQ monitoring, including particle counting and TVOC [total volatile organic compound] level indication,” Waddell said. “As homeowners grow more aware of IAQ and the impact poor IAQ has on their health, they will demand the ability to know more environmental parameters in addition to temperature and humidity. GPS is prepared to give them those options.”


Lennox Intl. Inc. spent more than 15 years designing, developing, and improving the Lennox Healthy Climate® PureAir™ Air Purification System. The third generation of the air-purification system hit the market in May 2015.

The PureAir combats all three categories of air contaminants for comprehensive air purification throughout an entire home: particles (any substances measuring less than 100 microns in diameter), bioaerosols and microorganisms (microscopic living organisms that grow and reproduce in warm, humid places), and odor/chemical vapors (air contaminants in the form of gases). The unit can be installed in the return air side of all types of HVAC whole-house systems upstream of the supply air blower. Return air first passes through the MERV 16 Carbon Clean 16® media filter. The filtered air then passes through the photo catalytic oxidation (PCO) cartridge, which consists of a UV-A lamp and a patented catalyst. The UV-A lamp activates the catalyst on the cartridge that captures and destroys odors and chemical vapors as they flow through the system. The adsorbed pollutants (accumulated gases, liquids, or solids) on the surface of the catalyst are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water.

While developing the product, Lennox utilized 820 responses to an online dealer survey to pinpoint areas for improvement. Interviews with field technicians also helped guide the initial design. The unit was then piloted with six dealers whose feedback was incorporated into the final product and instructions. Additional research included focused studies on environmental needs, including industrial and research publications as well as Lennox’s own exhaustive independent study of chemical exposure in schools and research into real home issues.

Lennox will continue to innovate and optimize the design of PureAir, ensuring it remains a safe air-purification offering for years to come. Lennox is also looking to incorporate its technologies into other platforms, such as residential package units and to enhance its ability to operate as part of a communicating system.


The RGF QUAD-DM™ Ion Generator (QUAD-DM) from RGF Environmental Group was released in October 2015 after three years of product development. It was created to produce bipolar ions in the air conditioned space of residential and commercial buildings. The unique design of the unit uses separated polarized ion emitters and the Bernoulli Effect for efficient ion dispersion and mixing. RGF’s QUAD-DM™ is an ideal solution for the budget-minded consumer for air cleaning and is designed to treat up to a 6-ton a/c unit.

The QUAD-DM is effective in reducing particulates, allergens, smoke, bacteria, and mold spores and helps eliminate odors and cleanse the air in the air conditioned space. It is designed to be mounted via magnetic feet inside of the air handler. The magnetic feet are flexible, so the unit can be mounted to a curved surface, such as a blower housing. The unit should be mounted in the airflow of the blower and in the direction indicated by the arrow on the side of the metal bracket.

RGF designed the unit for ease of installation; no tools are required, and the product is maintenance-free. RGF consistently stays in touch with contractors throughout the country by performing training and gathering feedback. Once a product idea is chosen, the marketing team does an in-depth analysis to ensure RGF hits the targets that are required in any given market. RGF engineers develop prototypes that are sent to key contractors for installation, analysis, and criticism. With this information, the design of the product is finalized and released into the marketplace.

RGF is constantly improving its products and services through extensive research and development. Future plans for the QUAD-DM are to continue to target marketing in industries that will benefit from this technology.

Global Plasma Solutions

Lennox Intl. Inc.
Healthy Climate® PureAir™ Air Purification System

RGF Environmental Group Inc.
QUAD-DM In-Duct Ion Generator

Publication date: 7/18/2016

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