Variable-speed compressors and motor control drives that enable system manufacturers to achieve 25-plus SEER, 13-plus HSPF, and 29 IEER earned Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. the gold award in the Dealer Design Award’s (DDA’s) Components and Accessories category.

According to Emerson Climate Technologies leterature, the second-generation Copeland Scroll™ variable-speed ZPV2 compressor features variable-volume-ratio scrolls to boost efficiency, optimized scroll elements for variable-speed performance, a positive displacement oil pump for enhanced reliability in low-speed operation, and brushless permanent magnet motor technology for maximum efficiency. The compressors are designed to deliver a range of capacities to precisely meet the building load by allowing operation from 900 to 7,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

The Copeland Scroll variable-speed EV2 motor control drive features integrated CoreSense™ technology designed to deliver optimal compressor performance. Features include soft-starting capability, controlled shutdown, scroll over-temperature protection, and high-pressure cutout. In addition, the drive protects the compressor from operating outside of the design parameters and against electrical power variations.

The advanced control, protection, and diagnostics features of Copeland Scroll variable-speed motor control drives allow contractors to obtain performance information from the system, which aids in troubleshooting. In addition, compressor control and monitoring increase compressor reliability.

The drives are being applied across residential and commercial platforms in 2- to 15-ton ranges, and the compressors and drives are designed with common physical footprints and electrical connection points across sizes for consistency when servicing equipment.

The paired compressor and drives are the result of more than four years of research and product development.

“Second-generation, variable-speed ZPV2 compressors and EV2 drives are optimized to increase efficiency across a range of conditions while maintaining the reliability that Copeland Scroll technology traditionally delivers,” said Katrina Yohey, variable-speed product manager, Emerson Climate Technologies. “This product represents the next levels of HVAC efficiency and helps the industry meet the growing demand for more comfortable and more sustainable HVAC technology. The paired combination of the compressor and drive allows OEMs to bring systems to market faster.”

Cal Sanders, owner of Cal Air Cooling & Heating in Las Vegas, said he uses Copeland Scroll variable-speed technology in his own home and has been very happy with the comfort level and energy savings.

“With the controls and inverter technology, the compressors are able to adapt to the needs of the home, running longer but at a much lower speed, delivering only the amount of cooling or heating necessary,” Sanders said. “They provide incredible energy efficiency with quieter operation and comfort. Longer run times increase comfort, filtration, and humidity control. We recommend them as a great option on every sales opportunity we have.”

One of The NEWS’ Dealer Design Awards judges was also quite impressed: “Our company’s experience with this product; feedback from clients, installers, and service technicians; and input from energy auditors combined with reliability measurements have shown that this technology is a game changer.”


Is it time for your technicians to see the light? The silver award in the Component and Accessories category goes to JB Industries Inc. for its 3 1/8-inch LED back-lit gauges. The gauges are back-lit by LED lights to illuminate the gauge face for legibility in dark and cramped environments.

According to JB Industries literature, the gauges feature sturdy metal cases, have an on-off rocker switch, and are assembled in the U.S. They include a replaceable 3-V lithium coin-cell battery with an average battery life of 250-plus hours. Technicians can replace the gauges on their current manifolds or may choose to purchase a JB manifold equipped with the LED back-lit gauges.

LEDs emit a very bright light while not producing much heat. JB Industries said using LEDs allows for maximum light in the gauges while not making them hot to the touch. The gauges are designed to help make technicians’ jobs easier by enabling them to focus on finding out the issue with the system instead of facing obstacles like reading high and low pressures.

“Since techs often work in less-than-desirable conditions, having LED gauges allows them to not have to bother with holding a flashlight in their hands or mouths,” said David Madden, chief information officer, JB Industries. “Also, in extremely hot regions, techs may choose to work at night, making the gauges the perfect accessory to help get their job done.”


Parker Hannifin Corp.’s A9 to CDS Conversion Kits allow existing mechanical valves to be retrofitted to an electronic step-motor design, making conversion an attractive option versus a valve rebuild. Supermarket refrigeration, chiller, and commercial systems that currently use the A9 valve in head pressure control applications as a receiver pressurization valve can now be converted to electronic control and monitored remotely.

By utilizing the existing valve body, no brazing is required to complete the conversion. According to Parker Hannifin, valve conversions can be completed in as few as 30 minutes, which helps to minimize system downtime.

Parker Hannifin literature states that with an energy management system controlling these valves, set point drift is no longer a concern. The system maintains design set points and energy efficiency is optimized, which reduces technician and end-user concern about valve set points. Connectivity to an energy management system provides the user with optimized performance and diagnostic capabilities.

These kits complement Parker Hannifin’s already available SORIT, SPORT, and A8 valve conversion kits.

Emerson Climate
Technologies Inc.
Second Generation Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor and Motor Control Drive

JB Industries Inc.
LED Back-lit Gauges

Parker Hannifin Corp.
A9 to CDS Conversion Kits

Publication date: 7/18/2016

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