BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. — Barksdale Air Force Base is no stranger to hot weather, which can be a constant battle for maintainers and other airmen who work out in the elements. Thankfully, 2nd Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) HVAC Airmen ensure there’s a cool place to escape to while also providing many other benefits of heating and cooling that directly affect the mission.

“One of the most important things we do is maintain cooling systems for server rooms,” said Senior Airman Troy Adams, 2nd CES HVAC technician. “These servers run Barksdale’s communication system. If the server room gets overheated, then all the servers will shut down and communications are done.”

Providing a temperate work environment can also help morale and productivity no matter what a person’s career is.

“If you’re working in an area without cooling, it’s going to affect your work ethic,” said Adams. “If it’s a hot environment, you’re going to have to take frequent breaks or you’re going to overheat. When you’re really hot, you’re more stressed about finding a way to cool off rather than focusing on your work.”

HVAC Airmen also maintain the HVAC systems for Barksdale’s dormitory. Although it may not seem like it, ensuring the HVAC system is working properly for the dormitories can have a direct impact on the mission.

“Making sure the dorms are cool is important,” said Senior Airman Sean Easton, 2nd CES HVAC technician. “If there’s a maintainer out on the flightline and he didn’t have a good night’s sleep because he was too hot, that can have an effect on the mission.”

Comfortability in buildings can go a long way, but it’s the unforeseen duties of HVAC Airmen which bring different satisfaction to Barksdale personnel.

“We bring a little bit of everything to the table,” said Easton. “We’re not just heating and air conditioning, we provide cooling for the refrigerators at the chow hall, and we work on boilers in the winter so that pipes don’t freeze and burst causing major issues in base infrastructure.”

Keeping base personnel comfortable and refreshed year-round allows them to do their job and do it more efficiently. Also, mission essential equipment must be kept in a moderate climate to function properly. Luckily the 2nd CES HVAC Airmen maintain an environment where base personnel and equipment can operate at the highest effectiveness.

Publication date: 5/9/2016 

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