ORLANDO, Fla. — More than 300 people got a first-hand look at Modine Mfg. Co.’s new Innovation Tour truck during its AHR Expo cocktail reception at Icebar Orlando on Sunday. A few attendees even braved the balmy 18°F Icebar, donning thermal jackets and gloves, before heading inside a scene straight out of Disney’s, “Frozen.”

The manufacturer converted a 53-foot semi-truck trailer, which unfolds into three stages and a slide-out classroom. The truck features an Atherion packaged rooftop ventilation system, an operating school HVAC unit, an interactive Modine Controls System module, newly AHRI-certified geothermal systems, as well as Effinity and Hot Dawg unit heaters. Modine’s Innovation Tour, debuting at the AHR Expo, will visit 46 cities across North America in 2016, according to Raymond Schaffart, marketing and sales support manager, Modine.

“AHR is great, but it’s three days a year,” Schaffart, said. “At the end of the day, my job right now is to promote the fact that Modine is more than just unit heaters. We still do unit heaters, but we do a lot more than just heating; we have ventilation and air conditioning equipment. We needed to figure out a way to put it all together. Modine’s new tagline is, ‘Always Innovating, Always Improving.’ Between that and the high efficiency, innovative HVAC products we have, we decided to call it the Innovation Tour. So instead of one AHR, we’re going to have 46 AHR’s throughout the year.”

After Orlando, the Innovation Tour will travel across the southern U.S., before heading up to Seattle, and then cutting across to Denver. The trailer will stop in Racine, Wisconsin — Modine’s headquarters — to celebrate the manufacturer’s 100th anniversary in June, before continuing its tour along the eastern U.S.

“We’re covering about 11,000 miles,” Schaffart noted.

Additionally, the tour also offers the opportunity to earn continuing education or North American Technician Excellence (NATE) credits through accredited course offerings.

Modine’s Innovation Tour trailer will be displayed throughout the AHR Expo, parked next to the SeaWorld overflow lot next door to the Renaissance. For more information about Modine’s Innovation Tour and tour dates, visit www.modineinnovationtour.com.