LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Bosch Thermotechnology was recognized by President Barack Obama for its ongoing efforts to provide innovative, low-cost energy solutions across the building spectrum, and to include use of renewable technology solutions like geothermal heat pumps.

The recognition comes as part of an executive order in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Clean Power Plan regulation and was outlined in a White House statement issued on Aug. 24, just hours before Obama’s keynote speech at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas.

In his address, the president outlined an extensive series of proposals and actions for promoting clean energy, increasing energy efficiency, reducing energy waste, and developing low-cost energy solutions for residential and commercial use.

As a provider of energy-efficient heating and cooling products including ground-source heat pumps (GSHPs), Bosch Thermotechnology is committing part of its sales efforts to focus on outreach to school districts in low-income and extreme climate areas where energy resiliency is critical, with these planned activities going forward:

• Work to educate stakeholders and decision makers in low-income communities about opportunities/benefits of high-efficiency buildings, particularly for schools;

• Share critical information and case-history examples with stakeholders on project implementation; and

• Provide best practices for how schools can integrate energy-efficiency projects into school curriculums and reinforce teaching and learning about energy efficiency and conservation in the classroom.

For heating and cooling, which are typically attributed as the largest energy consumers in a home or building, these recommendations and best practices for schools and other buildings can range from the use of condensing boiler technology to the capture/use of otherwise wasted energy, condensing boilers in cascade configuration, ground-source heat pumps in geothermal applications, and combining geothermal with solar photovoltaic (PV) energy to achieve zero-net-energy buildings (ZNEB).

“Bosch is driven by environmental stewardship and constant innovation to produce the most energy-efficient products possible across all product lines,” said Vitor Gregorio, president, Bosch Thermotechnology North America. “Our heating and cooling products reduce energy use and enhance occupant comfort, no matter the size and function of a building. We’re honored to be part of the president’s commitment to create a cleaner energy economy and to be considered by developers and government agencies for viable solutions to save energy.”

Publication date: 10/12/2015 

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