ST. LOUIS — Emerson Climate Technologies has announced the launch of its ComfortGuard™ Monitoring Service, which allows homeowners to manage their HVAC equipment by providing real-time information and professional insight that predicts problems, prevents energy waste, and protects indoor comfort around-the-clock, said the company.

One of the most costly appliances to repair, replace, power, and maintain is the home’s HVAC system. Yet homeowners typically are unaware of how inefficient their system may be and have no warning before it stops working.

Emerson’s connected-home monitoring service helps by:

• Supplying homeowners with the insight and guidance needed to take charge of their HVAC equipment.

• Monitoring equipment performance and providing early warning of problems so minor issues can be corrected before they turn into major repairs.

• Working with Emerson experts that provide insight and recommendations so homeowners can make educated maintenance and repair decisions.

Following installation by an authorized service professional, ComfortGuard’s 10 state-of-the-art sensors collect and transmit data over a Wi-Fi connection every time the heating and cooling system runs. With every run, a “32-point” inspection is conducted, including a scan for efficiency changes, filter degradation, and component problems. Any indication of a problem generates a notice to the ComfortGuard monitoring team, which analyzes the data before sending a system alert to the homeowner and their service professional.

Homeowners are informed with emailed alerts, efficiency and filter status, monthly System Insight Reports, and repair verifications. They also have access to a web and mobile portal, making system status, live data, equipment details, and filter size just a click away. In addition, the homeowner’s contractor is alerted and will contact the homeowner to schedule a service call.

“For most homeowners, one of the largest investments they’ll make is in their heating and cooling system,” said Ed Purvis, executive vice president at Emerson. “With the expansion of Wi-Fi and connected home products, we see a sizeable market opportunity to help homeowners and service professionals protect that investment by pairing big data with important HVAC analytics.”

The service has initially launched in St. Louis. The company is working with contractors in Houston to roll-out service this summer, and additional markets will be announced later this year.

Monitoring packages start at $9.99 per month. A one-time fee will be charged for installation.

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Publication date: 5/12/2014

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