In residential and commercial applications, compressors are doing things that previously seemed unachievable. Some next-generation units even feature advanced electronic controls. Here are some of the most advanced compressors available today.

Bitzer Advanced Header Technology for Scroll Tandems and Trios

Bitzer’s patent pending Advanced Header Technology (BAHT) for uneven scroll compressor tandems and trios provides new opportunities for OEMs designing their next-generation systems. Taking advantage of the unique design characteristics of the ORBIT Series compressors, including an isolated oil sump design and good miscible Polyvinylether (PVE) oil, Bitzer’s ORBIT Series has exceptionally low oil carryover rates, the company said. The Advanced Header Technology then operates by ensuring that small differences in pressure drop in header tubing does not impact oil balance between compressors in low mass-flow situations like those found in many air-to-water heat pumps.

A single-header package can be used for up to 20 different capacity combinations, resulting in lower inventory costs. Uneven tandems can be selected to maximize full load, part load, or other customer requirements. Additionally, Bitzer’s advanced header technology does not require internal restrictor washers that can be difficult to manage on the production floor and, therefore, works well with many OEMs’ lean production systems.

Benchmark VStar Inverter Technology Compressor

Bristol Compressors Intl. Inc. continues to expand the capacity range of its Benchmark VStar inverter technology compressor. Now available for 2-10 ton applications, the VStar is available in permanent magnet or induction, and can have fully variable or staged operation. Benchmark VStar combines high SEER and IEER results with superior heating and cooling performance and ultra low sound.

06M Reciprocating Compressor

The 06M Reciprocating Compressor from Carlyle Compressor Co. is a UL- and CSA-approved compressor specifically designed for use with R-410A. It currently is available for high-temperature applications, with low- and medium-temperature units available soon. It is variable-frequency capable from 25-80 Hz and features motor protection and low oil-pressure protection as factory-installed options.

Copeland Scroll Variable-Speed Compressor Product Line

Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.’s Copeland Scroll™ variable-speed compressor product line was honored as the Product of the Year at the AHR Expo. The Next Generation Copeland Scroll variable-speed compressor product line offers breakthrough efficiency, enhanced comfort, and proven reliability in residential and commercial HVAC systems. For residential systems, this technology now helps systems achieve cooling efficiencies of 25-plus SEER and heating efficiency of 13-plus HSPF. The commercial product line offers a wide speed range for superior light-load efficiency and dehumidification. In addition, Copeland Scroll variable-speed compressors enhance reliability with the integration of CoreSense technology.

Daikin Applied Inverter Compressor Technology

Daikin rooftop systems incorporate advanced, variable-speed inverter compressor technology. Contractors using new or replacement Daikin rooftop systems with inverter compressor technology can expect significant decreases in operating costs in addition to providing precise temperature/humidity control, reduced refrigerant pressure fluctuations, and increased compressor life.

Danfoss Turbocor VTT Compressor

Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc. recently introduced the Variable Twin Turbo (VTT), a series of compressors with nominal capacity ranges from 200-350 tons for voltage applications between 380-460 V, as well as 575 V. These models are intended for water- or evaporative-cooled chiller applications and will carry the ETL and CE Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) marks.

The VTT models are oil-free, variable-speed, magnetic-bearing centrifugal compressors and the first to introduce IntraFlow™ technology, an innovative and patent pending technology for improving compressor efficiency, providing an extended stable operating range while simplifying capacity control.

The VTT Compressors also include newly developed control electronics capable of communicating via USB, Ethernet, and wireless channels. Other new features include USB drive data recording, shaft speed detection, motor and drive cooling, and condensation protection. These compressors also have the capability to download firmware and configuration updates remotely without requiring any hardware exchanges.

Embraco NEU Compressor

As the second generation of Embraco North America’s NEK family, NEU products are around 10 percent more efficient, offer 5 percent larger cooling capacity, and feature low noise and pulsation. The NEU products are designed to sustain severe field conditions, are suitable for all of the same products as NEK compressors, and framebreak to NT range.

Publication date: 3/31/2014 

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