The NEWS was very busy at the AHR Expo in New York City, visiting as many booths as possible in search of new products. Below is a comprehensive list of all the components and accessories we found on the show floor.

3Force BV debuted its gas-fired air heaters which it said are a new concept of compact heat exchangers with low carbon monoxide (CO) and low-NOx metal fiber burners. The company has a patent pending on the burner system and heat exchanger. The concept is modular, so 3Force can build any size to meet individual requirements for furnace or unit heater applications.

A.J. Mfg. Inc. displayed its Access SST stainless steel door assembly for corrosive and demanding environments. The 1.7-inch-thick double-wall panel is pressure injected with 2.2 pounds of polyurethane foam per cubic foot, and it features 304 2B stainless steel interior and exterior sheets standard. The frame is formed with 16-gauge 304 2B stainless steel and is shipped completely assembled with hinges and door attached. The door is mounted to the frame using 6-inch fixed-pin stainless steel hinges, and stainless steel framed windows are available in Lexan, Clear Temp/Clear Temp, Clear/Wire, and Wire/Wire configurations.

Advance Products & Systems Inc. featured U-Bolt Cote, which is designed to eliminate corrosion problems on piping refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, and the shipping industry. It may also be used for shock absorption on plastic, FRP, or glass-lined pipe and will help reduce vibration and noise levels.

Advanced Antivibration Components, a Designatronics Co., exhibited its Spring Mounts and Hangers, Antivibration Pads, and Rubber Mounts. The Spring Mounts and Hangers are durable and long-lasting hangers designed for industrial structures, air ducts, motors, generators, ac applications, and more. The Antivibration Pads help to reduce noise and vibration in medium- to heavy-duty industrial applications. The Rubber Mounts feature rubber bases and cylindrical mounts for medium- to heavy-duty applications.

Airxchange Inc. displayed its Brushless DC Motor, which is included in the company’s energy recovery ventilation (ERV) product line. Features of the component include an integrated motor and drive, compact size, and tach output for monitoring of wheel speed. Its low-voltage on-off and variable-speed control allows for variation of energy recovery efficiency as well as implementation of frost control. The motors are factory programmed with no tuning required. According to the company, the Brushless DC Motor has fewer parts to wear down than motors used previously, leading to a longer service life.

Allegis Corp. featured its 180-degree Hinge-Latch, which allows a panel or door to open left, right, or to be removed altogether. The handle is first lifted, safely relieving any cabinet pressure, then is rotated to release the door from the frame. The part is universal for right- or left-hand mounting and provides 6 mm of compression when the handle is closed. Vertical adjustment, together with a guiding feature between the door and frame part, help create a tight seal around the entire opening. The Hinge-Latch is available in key-locking, tool-locking, or non-locking options. All three styles feature audible and tactile latching when the handle is folded.

Alstrom Heat Transfer LLC showcased its ELGE Condensate Heat Recovery Systems, which are based on a series of high-efficiency shell-and-coil heat exchangers. The MD-100 unit is modified and packaged for easy insertion into the condensate piping with a low profile and compact design. The condensate is cooled with water that is destined for a heating or domestic hot water application, thereby preheating the water for energy savings. The heating surface is made of dimpled, spiral-wound copper tubes in layers where the special profile of the tubes creates turbulence for greater heat transfer rates. The ELGE Condensate Cooler can be installed in any position by providing that the condensate can flow by gravity back to the receiver. Further tempering is not required. Both simplex and duplex units are available, selected in accordance with condensate rate of return in gallons per minute (gpm).

American Coil Inc. displayed its AmeriCoat™ coating, which, when applied to its coils, repels moisture and actively kills biofilm contamination. The proprietary coating virtually eliminates condensate or other moisture from adhering to a cooling coil. It also provides antimicrobial protection by preventing biofilm (algae/bacteria) growth that can lead to airflow contamination and increased pressure drop. AmeriCoat thus keeps HVAC equipment clean and operating at peak efficiency.

Aquatherm Polypropylene Pipe introduced its 4-inch Aquatherm Blue Pipe® SDR 17.6 faser-composite. The pipe, designed for chilled water, geothermal, and condenser water applications, among others, was initially introduced in 6- to 24-inch diameter sizes. Aquatherm released the smaller size in response to customer feedback. Its standard dimension ration (SDR) is the ratio of pipe diameter to wall thickness. It manufactures pipe in SDRs of 7.4, 11, and 17.6.

Armacell LLC debuted its AP Armaflex   Black LapSeal, which is flexible, fiber-free pipe insulation offered in pre-slit tubes with self-adhesive foam lap seals for greater seam security and increased protection against condensation, mold, and energy loss. Made with Microban® antimicrobial technology, it is 25/50 rated for use in air plenums and available in 1 ½- and 2-inch wall sizes. It is easy to install, making it a good choice for retrofit applications, and it’s fiber-free, formaldehyde-free, low-volatile organic compound (VOC) and non-particulating formulation protects IAQ.

Auburn Mfg. Inc. introduced a removable/reusable insulation kit system for components on chilled-water or dual-temperature systems where vapor condensation control is a primary consideration. The Ever Green® Chill-In vapor-sealed insulation blanket system is a quick and easy solution for combating condensation, corrosion, and energy waste. It prevents surface condensation when used on a 42?F chilled water line up to a relative humidity range of 85-90 percent.

Autonics Corp. exhibited its High Reliability Solid State Relay (SSR) Series. The series includes five models: the SR1 Series Detachable Heatsink Type, SRH1 Series Heatsink Integrated Type, SRC1 Series Slim Detachable Heatsink Type, SRPH1 Series Analog Input Type, and SRS1 Series or Socket Type. The SR1 provides dielectric strength to 4,000 vac and supports zero-cross and instant-on switching. The SRH1 can be mounted using various methods, including DIN rail and panel mount and offers heat protection efficiency with the heatsink integrated design and ceramic board. The SRC1 is compact, measuring 22.5 mm, and features an input status LED indicator. The SRPH1 features a power/cycle/phase control on a fixed or variable cycle, available with 4-20mA analog heat. The SRS1 has dielectric strength of 2,500 vac and includes a socket-type SSR, dedicated for standard LY2 socket, for easy maintenance and installation.

Axiom Industries Ltd. displayed its SFP Series Sidestream Filter Package, which delivers effective ongoing protection against debris in all types of heating and cooling systems. It can handle a max temperature of 200?F and a max pressure of 125 psi. It has a double O-ring on filter housing for reliable leak-free cartridge replacements, and a ball valve drain with hose connection and cap, which ensures safe fluid handling. Axiom also displayed its CBF Series Chemical By-Pass Feeder, which delivers chemicals to any closed-loop system and helps maintain a chemically balanced hydronic system. It features a graduated funnel with stainless steel filter for clean, accurate, and mess-free chemical addition, pressure vessel, and fittings made with brass and carbon steel. It comes in 2- and 5-gallon models. The 2-gallon version comes with a wall bracket, while the 5-gallon comes with adjustable steel legs.

Baldor Electric Co. featured the Dodge Type EXL bearing, which extends the life of mounted bearings by providing better sealing, misalignment, and expansion capabilities, as well as high load ratings. The split ductile iron housings are dimensionally interchangeable with all Type-E dimensioned products. Features include XTS triple-lip-sealing system, lubrication stud, replaceable inner unit, and dual-locking collars.

Beckett Air Inc. exhibited its radial blower wheels. According to the company, the new Fergas wheels are strong and feature lightweight construction while providing quiet operation.

Belimo Holding AG showcased two-way energy valves in ½-2-inch ranges. The valves measure energy, control power, and manage delta T. They use a pressure independent valve, electronic flow meter, water supply, and return temperature sensors.

Berry Plastics Corp. displayed its Nashua cooler repair tape, designed to seal and repair cracks and seams on walk-in coolers, commercial freezers, trailers, and display cases. It is designed to resist UV, mold, and moisture.

Bitzer US Inc. exhibited its New Ecoline Series of reciprocating compressors, which offer both increased efficiency and wider application limits, yet can still fit into existing systems as a replacement. In addition to R-134a, they can now be used with refrigerants such as R-404A, R-407A, R-407C, R-407F, and R-507A. According to the manufacturer, the entire range’s efficiency is improved, especially in low condensing temperature applications. New Ecoline models are also designed for variable-frequency drive (VFD) operation between 30-70 Hz (2-Cyl) and 25-70 Hz (4-Cyl). Bitzer also showcased its CSV Series of intelligent, networkable compact screw compressors. Its fully integrated frequency inverter is cooled by refrigerant and includes automatic, infinitely variable-speed control to ensure the right temperature profile. All CSV Series compressors are fitted with pressure and temperature sensors, oil heater control, and power-supply monitoring. Further benefits of the CSV Series include broad operating parameters spanning the entire speed range, compact design, soft-start function, and an automatic compressor system check every time the compressor is switched on. Bitzer also displayed its Orbit 6 Series scroll compressors for light commercial applications. Based on the Orbit 8 Series, the 6 Series is designed for both a/c and heat pump applications ranging from 10-20 hp. With cooling capacities ranging from 10-20 tons, the 6 Series scroll compressors offer a high degree of isentropic efficiency, a wide application range, and low sound levels. Bitzer also highlighted its new patent-pending Advanced Header Technology for uneven scroll compressor tandems and trios, which provides multiple compressor combinations for OEMs.

Blue Ribbon Corp. introduced a lead-free line of commercial pressure gauges for potable water systems. The release was made to comply with the new lead-free laws that went into effect on Jan. 4. Four models are included in this line – BR201, BR601, BR101, and BR9A35.

Bonomi North America Inc. showed its Series 766000 Stainless Steel Ball Valve. The direct mount, split-body-style valve is an ASTM A351-CF8M, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Class 150 Flanged raised-face ball valve. It features full port sizes of 1-4 inches, an ISO 5211 mounting pad and stem, and standard latching-locking handles. Other products released by the company include the 766001 Series Carbon Steel Ball Valve, 760200 Series Stainless Steel Ball Valve, 760150 Series Carbon Steel Ball Valve, 763100 Series Stainless Steel Ball Valve, 764100 Series Carbon Steel Ball Valve, and Series 3110 T-3210 L Diverter.

Calectro AB demonstrated duct smoke detectors in a single tube design for installation in ventilation ducts. The company released the product in the U.S. at the AHR Expo.

Canarm Ltd. showcased its 900-C Series economy framed heavy-duty blowers, which features pillow block bearings on heavy steel support; corrosion-resistant blower housing wheel and baffle; and a heavy-welded steel frame that allows the blower to be used for bottom horizontal-discharge, top horizontal-discharge, upblast, or downblast configurations. The company also highlighted its new ALX Series spun aluminum exhausters, which are designed for exhausting air from restaurants, offices, or commercial buildings. The ALX Series can be used as either a rooftop or wall-mounted exhaust fan.

Coleman Cable Inc. highlighted its EcoZone™ Series LED Work Lights. The LED fixtures feature 120-V corded or rechargeable models that remain cool to the touch. The EcoZone Series features die-cast housing with steel H-frame bases, comfort-grip heavy-duty handles, weatherproof on and off switches, and more. New models include the 23-W high-intensity Array LED Portable Work Light, the Twin 46-W high-intensity Array LED Portable Work Light, and the 46-W high-intensity Array LED Portable Work Light.

Comefri USA Inc. featured modular plenum fans that can be stacked and/or adjourned side by side. Boxes may be affixed with or without sound-absorbing panels. They are affixed by bolting together and sealing by closed-cell foam tape along the inlet and outlet of frame.

Control Devices LLC showcased KeepFlo’s Venturi-Flo low pressure drop distributor, renowned in the HVACR trade for its unique one-piece design. Venturi-Flo distributors provide for maximum distribution efficiency to a multi-circuit evaporator while ensuring minimum pressure drop. This is accomplished by utilizing a low-pressure drop flow path in the design of the distributor, which results in a smooth-contour flow path that delivers equal distribution of the refrigerant to each evaporator circuit. They can be used on any direct expansion multi-circuit evaporator designed with equal length and equally loaded circuits.

Control Resources Inc. displayed its SmartFan Cirrus-ECM compact microprocessor-based motor speed control and alarm designed to control ECMs that accept Open Collector PWM or 0-12 vdc pulse width modulation (PWM) speed control inputs. Motor speed is regulated based on a control signal input. Cirrus-ECM can be configured with specialized speed control settings, including idle speed, full speed, off, and alarm trip points. An alarm can be provided to indicate motor failure, over temperature, or loss-of-control signal input. Operating parameters are programmed using the CRI Navigator Remote Programmer or can be configured at the factory to meet the customer’s requirements.

Cooney Coil & Energy exhibited its Cooney Freeze Block Coil. At temperatures below 32?F, water can freeze and expand, causing excessive pressures that result in coil damage within a matter of minutes. The Cooney Freeze Block Coil is designed to prevent that process through a patent-protected freeze block coil with return bends intact. It includes expansion relief headers equipped with pressure and temperature sensing valves that discharge a small amount of water as a coil begins to freeze. Valves are designed to reseat after discharging to prevent flooding after a coil thaws. Coils are preassembled and tested at the factory prior to shipping and come complete with a 30-month guarantee.

Cover Guard showed its adjustable line set covers. According to the company, the product is easily adjustable to hold more lines. It is strong, paintable, UV-protected, and reopens to change sizes. In addition to straight lengths, the user can select adjustable couplers, adjustable 45-degree angles, adjustable 90-degree angles, adjustable T’s, and more.

CPS Products Inc. displayed its SPD60 and SPD150 surge-protection devices, which incorporate the latest in protection technology and ease of installation. These devices are designed to protect equipment by suppressing the harmful energy produced by lightning strikes and other power line transients commonly found in HVAC installations. These devices provide protection for furnaces, heat pumps, refrigeration systems, motors, and more.

Danfoss VLT Drives exhibited its family of VLT HVAC drives, including the VLT HVAC Basic and VLT HVAC drive. Danfoss also exhibited a working demo of its newly released VLT HVAC NEMA 4X/4/3R drive, which allows users to mount the drive at the equipment location, even in areas prone to harsh ambient conditions. Also on display was the newly released single-phase version and inherently 3R version of the VLT HVAC drive along with the new VLT HVAC Refrigeration drive. According to the manufacturer, VLT HVAC Basic drives minimize wear on HVAC equipment and maximize system uptime while reducing HVAC system operating costs by 15 percent.

Danfoss extended its inverter scroll compressor range VZH to include three new models. The variable-speed VZH compressors provide superior efficiency at part-load conditions and offer improved efficiency and precise cooling capabilities. Designed for small rooftop and process cooling applications, the inverter scroll compressor range VZH will introduce cooling capacities between 4-6.5 TR with a single compressor, and up to 13 tons with a manifold configuration. With a permanent magnet motor and patented Danfoss Intermediate Discharge Valves (IDV), which can help improve part-load efficiency by up to 24 percent, the variable-speed compressor range VZH will facilitate efficiency ratings up to 21 IEER and can modulate from 15-100 RPS.

Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc. introduced the VTT line of compressors with IntraFlow technology, a patent-pending technology for improving compressor efficiency and providing an extended stable operating range while simplifying capacity control. The VTT (Variable Twin Turbo) Series of compressors are available with nominal capacity ranges from 200-350 tons for voltage applications between 380-460 V as well as 575 V. These models are intended for water- or evaporative-cooled chiller applications. Based on TT Series compressor technology, the VTT models are oil-free, variable-speed, magnetic-bearing centrifugal compressors. VTT compressors also include newly developed control electronics capable of USB, Ethernet, and wireless communication. Other new features include USB drive data recording, shaft speed detection, motor and drive cooling, and condensation protection. The 350-ton compressor is the first of the VTT Series to be released.

Dean Pump, a brand of Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions, displayed its Dean Pump Series FW vertical/horizontal pumps designed specifically for pumping water. The Series FW is available in two sizes and features ductile iron construction, capacities to 1,200 gallons per minute (gpm), heads to 155 feet, working pressures to 100 psig, and pumping temperatures up to 250?F. The pumps are typically used in pools, at hotels and resorts, in water parks, and for industrial and municipal purposes.

Dent Instruments showed its Powerscout™ Series of networked power meters of which the newest is PowerScout 24. It uses BACnet or Modbus protocol and is available with optional pulse output ports.

Design Polymerics featured its DP 1010 water-based duct sealant. The sealant is smooth, water-based, UL-listed, and high-pressure/high-velocity tested for commercial and residential supply and return air duct use. It is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) qualified and features zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is recommended for sealing joints, seams, and duct wall penetrations as well as sealing connections on flexible duct. It is recommended up to 15-inches wc pressure.

DiversiTech Corp. had one-piece pleated filters rated MERV 8-plus with low pressure drop and a full frame. The units’ small stature make them easy for wholesalers to stock and store on service vans.

DP Pumps USA exhibited its Hydro Unit Cube, which is a booster system in a box. It helps users save space, weight, and energy. It includes low risk of legionella infection, leak water detection, and silent operation. The company also showed its DPHM Horizontal Pump, which allows users more flow and pressure for smaller pressure applications. This allows users to add more stages without switching to a larger pump.

DuPont Refrigerants used the AHR Expo to showcase its Dispos-A-Can® (DAC) containers that enable customers to verify contents as genuine DuPont products. According to the company, all DACs with 2014 product batch codes feature the DuPont Security Shrink Sleeve, complete with an iridescent background that changes colors from pink to green as it reflects light.

DuraTrac Inc. displayed its BackStop Well Tanks, which provide optimal control of pump performance by allowing efficient cycling, in turn extending the life of the pump. Each BackStop Well Tank is pressure-rated up to 150 psi and equipped with a solid 304 stainless steel connection. High-grade rolled steel is used for an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. Most models feature a rugged, stable steel base. As an added benefit, every tank comes finished with an appliance quality coating that is resistant to sunlight and harsh conditions.

Duro Dyne Corp. highlighted Speed Corners, which are manufactured from 12-gauge steel and feature tapered coined corner tips for fast and easy hand insertion into the flange, eliminating the need for a tinner’s hammer. The company also displayed SpeedFlange, which reduces installation time due to the addition of pre-punched drill holes. These holes are aligned at 1-inch centers and allow for the use of any common drill gun, eliminating the need for C-clamps or special tools.

E.M.G. Motors America is introducing its motors to the North American market. Based in Italy, the company exports more than 50 percent of its production to more than 30 countries. It manufactures ac single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors in both standard and customized models. The company said it can customize motors with any type of shaft and flange according to the customer’s drawing.

Eberl Iron Works Inc. showed its PUC product for supporting rooftop systems. The PUC is made in the U.S. from 100 percent recycled rubber and comes fully assembled and ready for installation. The PUC is strong, lightweight, portable, and easy to install without requiring special tools, said the company. It is useful over many support applications, easy to connect to other supports, and easily disperses weight evenly. The PUC can be used for mechanical and gas piping, refrigeration piping, plumbing, electrical, cable tray, ductwork, HVAC equipment, rooftop walkways, solar racking, and more.

ebm-papst Inc. introduced FlowGrid. The company said what the AxiTop diffuser does on the pressure side (outlet) of the fan, FlowGrid does on the suction side. When mounted to ebm-papst fans, its open-grill design straightens airflow to minimize turbulence before the air hits the axial or centrifugal impeller blades. FlowGrid is for fans installed within flat and central air-handling units, air purifiers, and heat pumps with centrifugal fans, or air-water heat pumps, condensers, and V-shaped condensers with axial fans.

Embraco unveiled the NEU compressor line, which features low sound levels, high efficiency levels, and large cooling capacities. Configured after the NEK line, NEU compressors perform with 11 percent higher efficiency, 5 percent larger cooling capacity, and low noise and pulsation performance. They are also designed to sustain severe field conditions and are suitable for all of the same products as NEK compressors and framebreak to NT range.

Emerson Climate Technologies introduced several products, including its next generation Copeland Scroll™ variable-speed compressor and motor control drive, which will enable system manufacturers to achieve ratings of 25-plus SEER and 13-plus HSPF. This latest compressor features an all-new scroll design, along with an enhanced speed range from 900-7,200 revolutions per minute (rpm) and will be offered in both air-to-air and water-source variations. The company also highlighted its new commercial Copeland Scroll variable-speed compressor and motor control drive, which is designed to deliver enhanced light-load efficiency and dehumidification. The company’s new electronic valve (XEV) kit for refrigeration systems includes everything required to replace an existing expansion device with an electronic solution.

Emerson Industrial Automation demonstrated -60? to 250?F temperature ratings for all raw-edge, notched V-belts. These EPDM-formulated belts are ideal for rooftop blower units, commercial kitchens, or industrial process exhaust systems. All these belts utilize a proprietary design that includes high fiber loading for long life, multiple plies of a unique tubular-woven knit fabric in the overcords for maximum flexibility, and wider notch spacing to increase rigidity and stability for lower stress at the cord line. Notched V-belt styles can also improve drive efficiency over wrapped style V-belts by 2-3 percent.

Enerquip LLC showed its Commercial U-Tube Vapor to Liquid Heat Exchangers, featuring an all-stainless steel construction for better corrosion resistance, stock parts and standard sizing for low cost and fast delivery, and removable bundle for easy maintenance. The product is designed and rated for 150 psi at 375?F, and is ASME pressure tested and code stamped.

Enervex Inc. featured its EcoFlex 90+ System, a packaged, modulating fan-powered economizer. According to the company, it opens the energy recovery up to practically any combustion appliance application. The main system consists of the high-temperature, variable-speed exhaust fan (TDF) with an integrated heat recovery module (VHX) and EBC35 exhaust-rate controller that monitors the draft rate and automatically modulates the fan speed.

Erico Intl. Corp. highlighted the expansion of its Caddy® Pyramid line of rooftop supports and introduced its Caddy Pyramid Equipment Supports and SBC Stamped Beam Clamp, Top Mount. The Pyramid Equipment Support Kit includes post-base assemblies, and frame and equipment-support clamps. It assembles and adjusts to size and height in minutes by one person with one tool and includes an innovative crossbar and equipment-support clamps for all roof tops. It is available in four- or six-post base configurations. The RPS H-Frame Series is ideal for pipework, duct, conduit, or cable tray. Its integral foam pad provides a gentle interface for all roof types. A hardware kit includes six bolts, six strut nuts, and two L-brackets to complete the H-frame. The SBC Stamped Beam Clamp features a one-piece stamped body for superior strength. It provides a structural attachment to the top flange of metal beams, purlins, channel, or angle iron.

Evaporcool introduced its Evaporcool evaporative condenser precooling system for commercial HVAC units. The SmartSpray technology only sprays when it needs to, leaving no standing water and no wastewater. Typical payback is achieved between two and four years prior to any subsidies, incentives, or rebates. Evaporcool minimizes repairs that are typically needed during summer because it allows the units to run at lower condensing temperatures. The system can be controlled by the building manager from a laptop or smartphone via a secured website.

Falcon Stainless Inc. featured its insulated and non-insulated solar field fabrication kits in ½-, ¾-, and 1-inch sizes, in 304 and 316L stainless steel. Non-insulated 316L stainless steel coils are available in various sizes at 60 feet in length. Non-insulated 304 stainless steel coils are available in various sizes in lengths varying 50-150 feet. Insulated coils with control wire come in 13 different models, all complete with ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) insulation and control wire in 50-300-foot tubing. The company also released a line of steel gas connectors in various combinations of one fitting, with straight and angle valves.

Fehr Bros. Industries debuted its Kwik-Loc™. The Kwik-Loc is a fast, reliable way to handle a variety of static-load applications. Available in three models (KL100, KL150, and KL200), the KL100 offers cable sizes in 1/16 inch to 3/32 inch. The KL150 is available in 3/32 inch to 1/8 inch. The KL200 features cable sizes of 1/8 inch to 3/16 inch. Each model can handle a working load limit of 150, 225, and 640 pounds, respectively. The company also introduced its Wire Rope 1x19, available in 316 stainless steel; Raileasy™ Lag Stud in 316 stainless steel; and the 18-8 stainless steel Rail Wood Screw.

Flexall Inc. exhibited several products on the floor, including its Expansion Joints, which feature a stainless steel structure, dust-proof protective mechanism in its outer tube, and an inner tube designed to maintain minimum loss of fluid pressure. Its Flexible Metal Joint is made with specialty bellows, making it flexible and small enough to fit in a narrow space for installation. The device effectively absorbs vibration and external shocks, with a U-Type or Omega-Type joint to suit the user’s purpose. The company also showcased its Tie Rod Pump Connector, designed for steam, gas, air, water, or oil applications; its Rubber Joint Flexible Connector, designed for air, water, and oil applications; and the FA-Bell-A and FA-Bell-H Bellows, providing protection from pipeline stress originating from factors such as expansion and contraction. The company’s FA-WHA-Series Water Hammer Arresters were also on display. In addition to having a copper casting, the product includes pistons and an O-ring made of special materials to guarantee semi-permanent life. The company rounded out this year’s expo with a group of plant expansion joints used for rectangular piping lines, particularly for gas duct used for ventilation of heating ovens and blowers.

Fluid Power Energy Inc. showed its low-lead line of thermostatic control valves that comply with the new lead drinking water laws established this year.

Getzner USA Inc. displayed its Sylomer FR, a vibration-isolating material that prevents unwanted vibrations. It is fire retardant, which means it can be used in fire-prone areas. It comes in thicknesses from 10-50 mm with a maximum strip length of 1,500 mm. Dimensions conform to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 3302-1.

Goss Inc. exhibited its Heat-Barrier reusable putty, designed to protect valves and other components from heat damage associated with torch use. The putty molds like clay to any configuration and can be used over and over again. The Heat-Barrier is a nontoxic, freeze-tolerant material. Also, Goss displayed its Torcholder, a portable and safe stand for a torch that protects hands from hot solder.

Grässlin, a global extension of Intermatic Inc., showcased the Compressor Defender™. The device is designed to protect compressors and circuit boards in residential and light commercial cooling applications from brownouts, surges, and short cycles.

Gray Metal Products Inc. demonstrated its ceiling radiation dampers with boot/register box assembly. The ceiling radiation dampers are for use in UL-fire-resistant floor-ceiling and roof-ceiling designs as listed in the UL fire resistance directory. Metal-Fab Ceiling Radiation Damper Models MRCDHC and MSCDHC may also be substituted into any UL design that incorporates a hinged metal blade damper, as outlined in the UL fire resistance directory.

Great Lakes Copper Inc. announced its GLC PEX crimp rings are now available. Custom printing and private labeling are available upon request. The company also exhibited its GL Plus pressurized ACR/medical copper tubing, which is now UL-certified to 700 psi. GL Plus is available in 10-, 12-, and 20-foot lengths, and a variety of sizes.

Greatstone Intl. Ltd. displayed the Micro Channel Heat Exchanger, a slab coil with various bending radii for use in both commercial and residential HVAC applications.

Grinnell Mechanical Products, a division of Tyco Intl. Ltd., exhibited its G-Press Copper Systems. The lead-free products have been expanded and are now available in ½- to 4-inch sizes. The G-Press O-ring provides a unique safety feature that helps to ensure a leak-free system by allowing the installer to easily identify any fittings not properly pressed during the system pressure test. The Leak-Before-Press feature significantly reduces the chance of improper joints in the system, helping to ensure a leak-free conduit. The company also introduced the Grinnell Rapid Installation Pivot Bolt (GRIP) Coupling, which helps to speed up the pipe-joining process. The pivot-bolt feature provides a guided clamshell installation that is quick and consistent. The EHT-style gasket can handle temperatures up to 250?F.

Gripnail Corp. featured its PowerPoint insulated weld pins. The insulated cap eliminates the transfer of electricity between the fastener and foil-faced insulations. The pins’ forged diamond-point design creates more electrical resistance for faster welds, and the 22-degree point cleanly pierces tough duct liner. In addition, the beveled edge cap prevents tearing of the duct liner, and the plastic bucket packaging prevents bent pins and caps.

Gripple Inc. showcased its side-load pipe hanger for use with 2-inch pipe or tube. It is ideal for use with sprinkler, or any other non-insulated rigid pipe, and it is especially useful for installing longer lengths of pipe with elbows and pre-fabricated T-sections. The side-loading hanger is designed and manufactured in conformance with Manufacturers Standardization Society MSS-SP-58 (2009).

Grundfos Pumps Corp. expanded its line of fully integrated intelligent pumping systems to include motor sizes suited to HVACR applications. Ideally suited for new commercial HVACR applications and deep retrofits, the line now features the MLE variable-speed motor in ranges from 3-30 hp for building services. In all, the company will make the unified MLE motor and variable-frequency drive (VFD) available in multiple models, ranging from end-suction to inline to split-case pumping solutions. The integrated, energy?optimized MLE system consists of a sensor, system controller, VFD drive, and standard asynchronous motor all in one.

Haydon Corp. introduced a family of pipe hanger supports. The HBS-PH Series is designed specifically for supporting piping and ranges from 36-inch light-duty support to 48-inch heavy-duty support. The base material is 100 percent recycled rubber, and all hardware required for assembly is included.

HVAC Chem displayed a line of cleaning chemicals designed to increase performance and expand the lifespan of HVAC systems. Products included the Concentrated Coil Cleaner & Brightener in an acid base and non-acid solution; a heavy-duty Concentrated Coil Cleaner; a Coil Brightener; liquid- and metal-compatible Ice Machine Cleaners; liquid- and powder Scale Remover; regular-strength and heavy-duty Metal Cleaning Detergent; a low-temp HVAC systems Gas Leak Detector; Electric Cell Cleaner; and a Degreasing Solvent.

Hydra-Zorb Co. showed its Flexi Foot roof strut that can be used to mount air conditioning units, air-source heat pumps, and a variety of outdoor equipment. It can also support pipework and cable tray. Available in four sizes ranging from 10-40-inches long, the Flexi Foot is made from heavy-duty recycled rubber with the galvanized steel strut bonded to the rubber.

ICMA spa demonstrated various heating components. For radiant heating systems, the company showed its R001, R002, and R003 mixing and circulation units. The 785 brass modular manifold with double chamber is designed to work with the above mixing units. The 740 air separator provides a high-capacity deaerator for heating and air conditioning systems, with NPT or copper sweat-side connections. The 745 dirt separator for heating and cooling systems is equipped with a ball drain cock and rubber holder. For solar systems, S011 is a delivery and return circulation unit for the primary circuits of a solar system.

Incotherm Pre-Insulated Pipes and Fittings displayed its Incotherm system of polyurethane pre-insulated connections and pipes for keeping a constant temperature inside a system. The most common applications are in cold and hot water systems, vapor systems, and in extremely cold zones, where it is used to avoid freezing of water, drainage, electric, and telephone lines.

Industrial Combustion featured the Q Series burner for cast-iron sectional-boiler, firebox, commercial water tube, fire tube, furnace, and oven applications. The standard series features linkage-less operation with dc pulse-width modulation and parallel-positioning gas actuator control for increased efficiencies and ease of use.

Industrial Noise Controls Products, a division of Sound Seal, showcased its Barrier Backed Composite (BBC) Acoustical Composite, BSC Specialty Wrap, and Alumalag products. The BBC is a quilted fiberglass absorber bonded to a reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier. A variety of facings are available, including standard industrial-grade vinyl facing, an economy scrim facing, and a silicone facing for high-temperature applications. The BSC is a non-reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass. Curtain panels are typically constructed with grommets across the top and mating hook and loop closures on the vertical edges. The Alumalag combines a 1-pound psf-loaded vinyl noise barrier with a protective aluminum jacketing. It is available in a smooth, embossed, or corrugated finish in a variety of gauges.

ISCO Industries exhibited its polypropylene piping system, which is made from commercially progressive resin, resulting in the high-pressure and high-temperature ranges. It includes an encapsulated layer of fiberglass, which provides extra strength, helping to reduce thermal expansion. The product is available in three different classes (red, white, and blue) and in 1/2- 24-inch diameters with standard 20-foot sections.

J.T. Products Inc. showcased the Big Dog American EZ-Strip Spacer System for reflective and polyester insulation to achieve the insulations’ R-value. It is easy to use with pre-installed super strong double-sided tape. The EZ-Strip Spacer System ensures the ducts’ integrity from its continuous rail open truss design down the duct edges and will provide a solid base to hang the ducts or run them across the attic joists. The open truss design provides a continuous air space around the fitting plenums and round or spiral duct.

JJM Boiler Works Inc. introduced the NB-300 neutralizer to its line of acidic condensate treatment products. It is rated at 32-MBtu input and features a 6-inch manifold reservoir, dual vertical-pump switches, dual pump control panel, Ph monitoring probe and control panel, pH alarm buzzer and light, dual 150-gallon receiving tanks, polyethylene tanks with UV inhibitors, and steel frame with forklift base.

K-Flex USA LLC featured an open-cell sound absorber comprised of recycled, closed-cell, bonded foam particles. The product is used to reduce sound reflection and transfer by converting sound energy into heat.

Kinetics Noise Control Inc. highlighted the sound- and vibration-isolation curb Model ESSR, designed to reduce noise from rooftop equipment sources. It deals with noises related to vibration from the rotating equipment and casing radiation, duct-borne noise from supply and return fans, and breakout noise from the fans and compressors into the space below.

Kingspan Insulation Ltd.s new KoolDuct® System consists of KoolDuct panels, fabrication methods, coupling systems, and a line of accessories to produce preinsulated rectangular ductwork in sections up to 13-feet long. The company states that its system offers the ability to reduce energy use, operational carbon dioxide, and costs. In addition, the UL-listed preinsulated ductwork is lightweight and easy to install.

Koch Filter Corp. exhibited its new DuraMax 4vS-16, a rigid, extended-surface air filter engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged filter lifecycles. Rated MERV 16, the DuraMax uses a unique minipleat design; it contains 200 square feet of synthetic filter media in a standard 24-by-24-by-12-inch frame to help ensure a low pressure drop. DuraMax 4vS-16 is constructed with durable, dual-layer synthetic air filter media designed specifically for high-efficiency air filtration applications. It can be reverse-installed in applications with space limitations, and its all-plastic frame can be completely incinerated.

Lafert North America displayed its high-performance (HP) permanent magnet (PM) synchronous motors. The high-performance motors are intended for the OEM market and offer significant space savings. The HP combines the technology of brushless permanent magnet servo motors and conventional ac induction motors. It can be used with a standard drive when fitted with an appropriate transducer, but ideally should be used in conjunction with a sensorless drive to maximize the motor’s performance and superior efficiencies for the specific application.

Lakos Separators and Filtration Solutions featured its eTCX Series high-efficiency package system, which helps keep cooling tower basins free of suspended solids that cause scale, corrosion, fouling, and biological activity. Controlling these factors leads to lower maintenance, improved chemical effectiveness, longer cooling tower and downstream equipment life, and a significant decrease in long-term water and energy costs. The eTCX system is a complete turnkey solution that includes an eHTX separator, electric fail-safe valve (EFS), a Solids Recovery Vessel (SRV) for zero water loss, and eHB HydroBoosters™ to sweep solids towards the separator inlet.

Legend Valve Inc. showcased its T-88 Air and Debris Eliminator, which achieves superior air and dirt elimination to maximize efficiency. Especially important in modern modulating/condensing boilers, the large bowl design combines with the internal stainless steel screen to separate entrained air micro-bubbles and debris from the system media. The fluid velocity slows when it enters the large volume of the T-88 bowl, which allows the micro-bubble of entrained air to collect on the screen and/or float to the top of the bowl, where it can escape from the system through the air vent. The T-88 bowl also allows the heavier dirt and debris particles to separate and fall to the bottom, where it can be eventually flushed out of the system through the purge valve.

Ludeca Inc. announced the addition of the Eddytherm Portable and the Eddytherm 2x to its line of induction heaters. The company said the units allow precise time and temperature setting to prevent premature bearing failures due to overheating or improper installation. A magnetic temperature probe continuously measures and displays actual temperature, while a standby feature permits holding temperature at a preset level for an indefinite time. They automatically demagnetize bearings after heating, and a visual and audible signal announces termination of the heating/demagnetizing cycle.

Malco Products Inc. exhibited its SmartClip fastening system for the layout of PEX on a wire grid. The system includes a top-loading stapler to allow one-person operation from a standing position. According to Malco, SmartClip enables straight and accurate layout and positioning of PEX.

Mars Motors & Armatures Inc. displayed its Azure Digi-Motor, a high-efficiency variable-speed direct-drive blower motor. Azure is a replacement for both standard permanent split capacitor (PSC) and Genteq X-13 motors. Azure features an auto-sizing learn mode; in start-up learn mode, Azure runs for approximately 90 seconds, measuring the external static pressure of the system application. Azure then assigns torque values to each of its five speed taps, essentially programming itself to the correct horsepower for the application.

Metal-Fab Inc. offered its PolyGuard polypropylene vent, which is easy to install and is made of 100 percent recyclable materials. These vent systems are designed for installations of high-efficiency furnaces, tankless water heaters, and condensing boilers. Vents have a high resistance to caustic condensates and a higher exhaust temperature limit when compared to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC).

MFM Building Products Corp. showcased its FlexClad™ Duct and Pipe Sealing System. The product is a flexible, weatherproof, economical, and easy-to-install protective solution that offers the advanced levels of protection at any extreme. The prefabricated, self-adhering, sheet-type protective FlexClad 250 membrane protects using a UV-resistant embossed aluminum top surface, which reflects heat and lowers energy costs. Its cross-laminated polyethylene reinforcement material and rubberized asphalt surface provides a tight seal and resists water leaks and vapor transmissions.

Midco Intl. Inc. announced its Unipower VA Series of power gas burners is expanding to include 6-, 12-, 18-, 24-, and 36-inch models. The Unipower VA burners are capable of up to 30:1 turndown ratio and are UL and CUL listed. According to Midco, the burners are linkage-less for easy setup and operate at low excess air rates with low CO emission.

Midsun Specialty Products Inc. highlighted its MSP™ Industrial Wrap, a self-fusing silicone repair tape that bonds to itself upon contact, forming an airtight and waterproof seal. It is said to be ideal for a variety of applications such as: sealing connections and transitions; repairing electrical wiring; adding shock resistance to tools; replacing zip ties; and stopping pressurized leaks up to 100 psi. The tape is easy to remove, leaves no residue, stretches 300 percent, and withstands a temperature range of -65? to 500?F.

Milwaukee Valve Co. introduced the Insulator/MS insulated extension handle, which is designed to prevent condensation and other extraneous moisture from entering an insulated piping system. In addition, the handle minimizes thermal energy loss from the system via metal extension tubes, levels, and similar parts. Its design incorporates a memory stop feature that requires no disassembly or removal of the handle to engage and make adjustments.

Mocap displayed its MBH Series, MOF Series, and MPI Series of flange protection. The MBH (plastic bolt-hole flange protectors) comes in 28 sizes. The MOF (outside-fitting flange protectors) comes in 12 sizes, while the MPI (plastic push-in flange protectors) comes in 14 sizes. It also debuted the PC and PP Series pipe caps & plugs. The PC Series of plastic pipe caps comes in 63 sizes, while the PP series of plastic pipe plugs is available in 25 sizes. Both are made of black low-density polyethylene. MOCAP also showed paper caps and plugs, including the MPSC Series of paper straight caps (11 sizes), the MPTC Series of paper tapered caps (19 sizes), and the MPTP Series of paper tapered plugs (21 sizes), all of which are made of tan recyclable paper.

Morgan Advanced Materials offered its FireMaster® DryerWrap, which is a thin, light, and flexible fire wrap. It is an ideal application on dryer-vent ductwork in multi-unit housing to meet fire compartmentalization and life-safety requirements. The product is tested and Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-listed for one-hour fire resistance on light-gage construction up to 7-inch diameter or 10-by-4-inch rectangular duct-penetrating one-hour rated wood joist gypsum floor.

MrPex Systems Inc. displayed its MrPEX 1 ½-inch Large Stainless Steel manifolds, which are made from high-quality stainless steel and offered in 3-10 loop sections. The manifold body comes with G 1 ¼-inch flat gasket unions for connection to inlet ball valve G 1 ¼-by-1 ½-inch female NPT and end caps with fill/drain valve. The branches come with G 1-inch flat gasket unions to accommodate the on/off and balancing ranch valves G 1-inch by EK 25 for easy connection with MrPEX EK 25 fitting assemblies to connect tubing to the manifold. The branch Cv value is 6 gallons per minute (gpm), and the manifold body accommodates flows up to 25 gpm. Manifold body also is equipped with a manual air vent for purging.

Mueller Industries Inc. unveiled its Streamline® line sets with DuraGuard™ PE tear-resistant insulation. This unique polyethylene insulation has a tough, tear-resistant outer layer that protects the line set and its insulation during rough job site handling and tight-space remodel/replacement projects. Available in 50-, 82-, and 164-foot lengths with ½-inch insulation, these line sets are UV resistant, mold-and-mildew resistant, and provide increased condensation control.

Munters Corp. showed a double-walled ClimaFlex air-handling and energy recovery system. The system is pre-engineered, but offers customizable modular units incorporating heat recovery, humidity control, and other air treatment options.

Neptronic repped its SKD direct steam-injection humidifier. By integrating high-efficiency components with condensate recuperation design and steam ejector eyelets for dry operation, the SKD is said to reduce wasted energy by 85 percent while providing drain-free operation and preventing condensate ejection.

NetBraze LLC exhibited its SilTron 15™ HVAC copper tube braze. It creates strong copper tube brazes that cannot be broken. SilTron brazes at 1,348?F and forms less black oxide on the inside and on the surface of the copper pipe. The product brazes both copper and brass without flux and is unaffected by vibration. Ductile SilTron 15 can be bent over 180 degrees at room temperature. The company also highlighted its QuickCoil®, a ductile that also bends over 180 degrees at room temperature. It is available in NetBraze 15, 6, 6LP, 5, 2, and 0 Fortress™ PowerGlide ®, Siltron®, and Siltron 15 at lengths of 5-, 10-, and 22-foot coils. The company also unveiled a line of eight silver solders, three of which break the record for lowest liquidus temperature, and five that require far less silver.

Nibco featured its Coil-Connect™ manual and automatic balancing valves, combination ball valves, unions, and valve kits, designed for a wide range of application requirements to ensure HVAC systems are balanced. These kits contain all the required items for coil control in one convenient package, and multiple size and product options provide sizing and installation flexibility. In these kits, balancing valves, combination ball valves, and unions are provided with integral union connections and multiple tapped ports. Strainers and drain valves are also standard. Products can also be purchased as individual components and are available in eight standard kit configurations in ½-2-inch sizes.

Nidec Motor Corp. unveiled its ECM condenser fan motor, the EcoApex. Designed for the residential HVAC OEM market, the EcoApex joins Nidec’s U.S. Motors brand family, and delivers increased durability with its ability to perform at peak efficiency in extreme heat, rain, and high humidity. An additional key feature of the new EcoApex is its smaller size, which enables increased airflow on many applications. Full 24-V PWM variable-speed and 24-V discrete-speed designs are available with the EcoApex.

Noark Electric Co. Ltd. introduced its UL 489 molded case circuit breakers that are tailor-made for the HVACR industry. Available from 15-600 A, these fully accessorized compact breakers are compliant with UL/CSA/IEC standards.

NovaTorque Inc. displayed its 10HP PremiumPlus+ Electronically Commutated Permanent Magnet (ECPM) motors designed for variable-speed applications. NovaTorque’s unique patented rotor and stator geometry focuses magnetic flux, allowing the use of low-cost ferrite — versus rare earth — magnets. The motors deliver a rapid payback averaging less than 18 months.

Nupigeco S.p.A. exhibited its Niron System, a complete grouping of PP-R polypropylene pipes and fittings, which is for the distribution of hot and cold water for plumbing and heating installations, air conditioning systems, the transport of compressed air and chemical substances, and more.

OMB Saleri SpA featured its WST safety valve with an integrated Waterstop device. WST has the same characteristics of the Waterstop device and has been designed for home water-power supply systems. It works as a regular supply tap but features an integrated safety device that stops water flow when the supply pipe of the appliance breaks or gets detached completely from the water supply. In case the device interrupts water supply to the appliance, the user needs to close the tap, remove the damaged pipe, reset the device, connect the new hose, and open the tap. Resetting is manual. The valve inlet connection has a G 1/2-inch male thread to be connected to the network and an output to the appliance male G 3/4-inch thread connection.

Oventrop Corp. USA displayed its Cocon Q pressure independent control valve, which maintains a valve authority of 100 percent and the designed flow over a wide range of differential pressures. It is ideal for variable-flow applications. The value is used for the hydronic balancing and temperature control of appliances or sections of the system in chilled ceiling, fan-coil, convector, central heating, and surface heating systems.

Packless Industries exhibited its high-efficiency green surface water-source heat pump coils. The coils are designed for water-source heat pumps and water-cooled condenser applications, and have convoluted inner tubes of copper or cupro-nickel.

Parker Hannifin Corp.’s Sporlan Division introduced ZoomLine, a light and flexible refrigerant line to replace copper. According to the company, ZoomLine saves time and is easy to install. The flexible line set substitutes for copper tubing and directs refrigerant to system components in low- and medium-temperature refrigeration applications. The six-layer flexible rubber tubing includes a patent-pending flexible aluminum barrier and is designed to withstand environmental, temperature, and pressure extremes while providing installation flexibility and long life. The flexible line eliminates coupling and elbow brazing operations and/or tube bending in long tubing runs as well as refrigerant leakage associated with brazing leaks. The unique couplings that connect the ZoomLine assemblies to the system connections have multiple barriers. Entire assemblies have been rigorously tested using the latest leak-detection technologies to ensure no leakage.

PDM US Corp. showed its Gelcopper line sets, which consist of an inner copper pipe surrounded by foam insulation and an external protective layer. It can be used in air conditioning applications such as ductless mini-split, heat pump, and central air systems. Gelcopper pre-insulated copper roll provides copper pipe sizes from ¼-7/8 inch with the same foam insulation and external protective layer. Gelpatch provides a polyethylene closed-cell foam and jacket cover for copper line sets.

Pentair Inc. rolled out its Aurora® 380 Series Vertical Inline Pump with variable-frequency drive (VFD). According to the company, the addition of the VFD to Aurora’s inline pump eliminates the unknown costs of improper field wiring and mounting, since the VFD will be wired and mounted at the factory. In addition, the VFD comes standard with BACnet communications, integral fused disconnect, and a local wired pressure transducer mounted on the pump discharge flange. Options include IP66/Nema 4X VFD protection along with many other requirements needed at the installation.

Pipemarker, a division of Brimar Industries Inc., introduced its System #5 pipe markers, which are made of self-adhesive polyester and designed to identify piping systems in industrial environments expected to reach higher temperatures (temperature range: -40? to 248?F). The System #5 markers are chemical-, abrasion-, and UV-resistant. Brimar also displayed its Style 18 small pipe markers. Made of self-adhesive vinyl, the pipe markers are designed for identifying the content and flow of smaller pipes up to ¾-inch diameter. The markers are made of aggressive acrylic adhesive with an extra heavy coating.

Pittsburgh Corning Corp. unveiled two products to its Foamglas® insulation accessories product line: PITTWRAP B-100 jacketing, which is a self-sealing butyl product for use in above ground Foamglas insulation systems, and the PITTCOURSE damp proof course (DPC) jointing tape, a double-sided, self-adhesive acrylic tape that provides a bond for use with PITTCOURSE 100 high-performance damp proof course.

Polidoro SpA displayed its MIXER HM, which now comes in XL size, up to 400 kW. The MIXER can actually be inserted in the pneumatic control systems without changing any components or additional electronics and doubles the actual modulation range. It features an aluminum body, plastic inserts of different diameters in relation to the required power, heavier clapet valve, and lighter flap.

Preferred Utilities Mfg. Corp. exhibited its Advanced Performance Inject-Aire (API) low-NOx axial flow burner. Capable of firing natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, digester gas, ethanol, and more, the API offers a wide range of fuel-burning capabilities. It incorporates variable-frequency drive (VFD) for control of FD fan speed, resulting in significant electrical reductions and features low emissions.

Premius displayed its electric and solar water storage tanks. Both are upright tanks made of high-grade steel and include a protective magnesium anode for cathodic corrosion protection. Working pressure is 145 psi. The electric storage tanks come in capacities of 30-199 gallons. The solar storage tanks come in capacities of 50-199 gallons.

Quick-Sling LLC showed a variety of mounting systems for HVAC units. Quick Swivel QSWI3000 mounts parallel to one joist or perpendicular across two, with slots allowing 16- or 24-inch on-center mounting. The unit rotates 360 degrees and then locks in the desired position. QSMS1201
is a 12-inch-high mini-split stand that fits units that are 18,000 Btu and up. Each foot is slotted to bolt to concrete, wood, or a plastic pad for stability and security. QSMS1202 has a fixed height of 12 inches and a width of 30.5 inches, and is used to mount a dual fan condenser to ensure it is off the ground safely with no tip-overs. The VRF Super Stand has four 12-by-12-inch feet, made from 7-gauge steel plate. The stands have two rails that are slotted to receive all major brands of variable-refrigerant flow (VRF) condensing units.

R.W. Beckett Corp. demonstrated its CG4 gas burner. It features a new GeniSys gas burner control, 24-V standard gas valve, a new Beckett gas igniter, permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor, and removable gun assembly. According to the company, the CG4 provides performance-enhancing combustion technology using its proven fixed-head burner design.

RectorSeal Corp. introduced its Paircoil pre-insulated linesets for a/c systems. The Paircoil is specifically designed to expedite installations of ductless mini-split and conventional a/c systems in North America. It is sold in 65-foot rolls of either ¼- or 3/8-inch diameters, or ¼- and 1/2-inch diameter copper liquid/suction line sizes. Paircoil’s durable industrial-grade insulation features a UV light- and wear-resistant coating with a non-friction surface. It also features embossed incremental 1-meter inscriptions for hands-free measuring. The white insulation efficiently reflects solar heat, is water-resistant, and features a hardened, but ductile, surface.

Regal-Beloit Corp. featured the Dual Efficiency Configuration (DEC) blower system that removes the motor from the blower inlet, eliminating restriction and improving system efficiencies. This technology, paired with Fasco’s existing high-efficiency blower (HEB) product, reduces input wattage by 15-35 percent over standard blowers with traditional ECM motors.

Resource Conservation Technologies Inc., a division of RectorSeal Corp., is now offering its AguaGuard® AG-3125E Primary Pan Condensate Sensors in single-, three-, and six-pack configurations. The product is mounted directly in the auxiliary drain port of the primary pan and is a high-amperage, solid state sensor. It has no moving parts and features an indicator light for troubleshooting. The sensor also has new quick-pull adhesive tape on it to assist with mounting.

Rosedale Products Inc. showcased its HT line of filters for the indirect heating of processes by circulating the fluid between hot oil boilers, molds, tanks, extruders, and reactor vessels. The fluids are subjected to temperatures ranging from 300?-700?F and can become contaminated from system construction, mill scale, and oxidization byproducts, resulting in the formation of sludge. Rosedale’s HT filters are designed to solve thermal fluid contamination problems. Particle removal is offered via glass fiber or stainless steel cartridges and wire cloth-lined baskets. The filter vessels are offered in a variety of pipe sizes with flows to several hundred gallons per minute (gpm). The filter cartridges are accessed through an easily opened lid and can quickly be serviced. Duplex and multiplex arrangements are available for uninterrupted operation.

Rosenberg USA Inc. displayed its B-Wheel backward curved impeller, which features a seven-blade design instead of the standard eight. The blade diameter is smaller than the outside diameter of the support plate, allowing it to act as a rotating outlet diffuser.

Rovanco Piping Systems highlighted its Rhinoflex™ flexible pre-insulated piping system, which can be used in hot and chilled water, radiant heating, snow-melt, and domestic hot and cold water applications. Features include a polyethylene outer jacket, which is corrugated to be flexible; high thermal-efficiency urethane foam, which allows for a smaller outer jacket size and lower heat losses; and PEX-A for hot service and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for cold service. This system is designed to contain fluids within the piping system that could leak out of the primary pipe.

Rub Inc. offered the H2Off water main control, which automatically turns a main water supply off if the temperature drops low enough for the pipes to freeze. The control operates without the need for power or battery back-up and uses a unique gearing system, which allows for easy operation. It is available with an optional remote switch, which allows the water to be instantly turned off in an emergency situation.

Russell Pump and Engineering Inc. showed its Model A510SS end-suction, close-coupled, all-stainless centrifugal pump, which handles up to 82 gallons per minute (gpm); the Series CVA Condensate Return systems, which are available in 10-, 24-, 44-, 70-, and 100-gallon sizes; the Model VA612SS tank-mounted centrifugal pump, which handles up to 120 gpm; and the Model VA512SS tank-mounted centrifugal pump, which handles up to 75 gpm.

S.T. Johnson Co. introduced its SWRLmatic burner, which combines high-performance axial airflow burner design with low-NOx technology to create a compact, quiet, and energy-efficient unit. The heavy-duty, swing-open housing allows easy service access to the firing head and all burner components for service without removing the burner from the boiler.

Samsung Electronics Co. displayed its mini rotary compressor. The compact and lightweight compressor leaves more space and is highly efficient. It can be used in various applications including portable refrigeration, personal cooling, washer/dryer, and in a wearable cooler, such as for firefighters and members of the military.

Sapa Precision Tubing debuted Hyplus™ aluminum line sets for air conditioning applications. This range of line sets can be used to connect condensers to evaporators in residential and commercial applications. This product consists of an aluminum tube coated with a layer of black polyethylene. This coating grants extra protection against corrosion and makes it possible for the line sets to be used in aggressive environments.

Shannon Enterprises of W.N.Y. Inc. displayed its INSULTECH Heat Shield Insulation, which is removable and reusable for easy installation, and re-installation, making access to steam specialties simple. INSULTECH Heat Shield Insulation lowers surface temperatures on critical applications, helping to create a safer work environment. It is compliant to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. With an average surface temperature of 250?F, the device offers payback in as little as six months.

Solaira Heating Technologies, a division of Inforesight Consumer Products Inc., featured its low-light heat emitter technology called Candel™. The technology offers the same powerful heat generation as current Solaira heaters, but with the choice of lower light levels.

SpaceKap’s Transferable Service Bodies were showcased on the show floor. SpaceKap is a universal slip-in unit in response to the demands of local contractors who were tired of having to purchase a new fiberglass cap every time their truck needed to be replaced. The product was built to facilitate transfer from one pickup truck to another. Three models — the Compak, Wild, and Diablo — are each available in two versions. The Compak weighs 560 or 650 pounds, with a height of 44 inches, and a floor width of 48 1/8 inches. The Wild weighs 535 or 625 pounds, with a height of 53 inches, and a floor width of 48 1/8 inches. The Diablo weighs 725 or 825 pounds, with a height of 75 inches, and a floor width of 48 1/8 inches.

Spence Engineering Co. Inc. displayed Circor’s D-Series DBOY control valve. The D-Series is an all-purpose, cage-guided, balanced control valve that offers simplicity of design in a valve platform that is well suited for the needs of power, process, and general industry. A wider selection of valve materials, sizes, and noise/cavitation trims allows application across a broader range of flow rates, pressures, and temperatures.

Sprutan Group Ltd. exhibited its JET Series in-tube solenoid valve, which features a high cycle life, low-maintenance, in-line configuration, and a compact and lightweight design. It is suitable for harsh environments and is dc battery or solar power activation capable. It features excellent performance in high-flow applications.

Suntec Industries Inc. featured its fuel transfer units (electrical motor, hydraulic pump, measuring instruments, and equipment assemblies), which can be used in transfer loops (when the storage tank is distant to the burner) and deliver oil from the tank to one or more burner(s). They are available from 100-1,000 gallons per hour (gph) and fit all types of fuels, from kerosene to fuel oil #6 to biofuels.

Super Radiator Coils displayed its line of stack economizers for packaged boilers, designed to improve boiler efficiency. These economizers are constructed with stainless steel interiors and a fully removable heat exchanger. These corrosion-resistant economizers are compact and a slide-out heat exchanger and access panel allow for easy maintenance.

SWEP Intl. AB introduced the B649 brazed plate heat exchanger. It has 6-inch connections that can handle up to 1,500 gallons per minute (gpm). The product is designed for district heating and cooling networks, as well as HVAC and industrial projects that need an efficient compact brazed plate heat exchanger with close temperature approaches at high operating pressure. The unit offers plate heat exchanger (PHE)-like capacities and up to 95 percent of the material is used to transfer heat. The company also released its B26 with AsyMatrix® channels. The product is designed to be a high-performance condenser and can be used in heat pump applications. The AsyMatrix technology combines high heat-transfer efficiency with low pressure loss. According to the company, this enables system builders to create more efficient and compact systems. Two versions are available: the B26H and the B26FH.

Telco Intercontinental Corp. showed Telco Green, an EC motor. It was promoted as a drop-in replacement for traditional permanent split capacitor (PSC) and shaded-pole motors with ac input and brushless dc design with speed control function. Applications include packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs), water-source heat pumps, rooftop package units, furnaces, and air conditioners, among others.

The Metraflex Co. exhibited its Suction Diffuser Flex pump connector. Designed to improve pump performance and efficiency with a specially designed set of stationary vanes placed upstream of an elbow, the Suction Diffuser Flex imparts to the fluid a slight rotational motion, which counteracts the elbow-induced motion, enabling the fluid to negotiate the turn uniformly and exit with a flat velocity profile. According to the company, the even velocity profile results in better pump performance and longer pump life since the impeller is evenly loaded.

The Valve Shop, a division of Ware, showcased its Ware Mod-V Modulating Valves. The stock 0-135 ohm motors are 24 V. Ware can supply 50017460-003 120-V transformers upon request at no additional cost. The 4-20mA motors come equipped with 120 V standard and can be wired as 24 V. The valves can be used in steam and liquid service.

Thermaflex introduced the PHD flexible air duct, which is made with a 100 percent recyclable inner core and vapor barrier. The company states that PHD is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and a good choice for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) projects and applications where sustainability is required. The non-metallic construction of PHD also makes it a good choice for MRI and cleanrooms.

ThermaXX LLC displayed its Smart Jacket insulation covers that feature a built-in wireless temperature monitoring system for steam traps and other steam components. With Smart Jackets, the user can insulate steam components, document energy savings, remotely monitor component health, and receive alerts. Smart Jackets can capture, view, and store real-time data on savings and status, including energy retained by Smart Jackets, system-wide and individual component reports, inside jacket temperature, outer jacket (touch) temperature, ambient room or steam vault temperature, and component temperature.

Tranter Inc. showcased its Supermax® and Maxchanger® welded plate heat exchangers, which are designed for use in applications in which high heat transfer rates are required under elevated process conditions, in less space. These exchangers can be applied to applications involving liquids, gases, steam, and two-phase mixtures, and produce high heat-transfer rates through turbulent flow, which is induced by the corrugated and dimpled plate patterns.

Triangle Tube featured its Maxi flo model MF350PT pool heat exchanger, which features noncorrosive glass-reinforced polypropylene housing combined with a highly efficient titanium coil. It is rated at 250,000 Btuh, and when combined with an appropriate heat source, it can heat up to a 42,000-gallon pool. The titanium coil combined six single tubes twisted into a spiral. This multi-pass design increases heat exchange surface area within the exchanger body while drastically reducing pressure drop. When combined with a solar system, geothermal heat pump, or hot water boiler, the Maxi flo heat exchanger is the ideal product to use to efficiently and effectively heat a pool or spa.

Twin City Fan & Blower highlighted its TVIFE mixed-flow induced-flow fan for fume hood exhaust that utilizes a mixed-flow wheel. The TVIFE housing uses a Turbo-Vane™ design that integrates the internal nozzle and straightening vanes into one. Turbo-Vanes induce air within the fan housing, as well as the windband, offering optimum entrainment and efficiency. The company also featured the BAIFE centrifugal induced-flow fan, which utilizes a backward inclined centrifugal wheel and is intended for high-moisture and high-temperature applications.

Twin City Hose Inc. displayed a metal heat pump hose specifically designed to endure high-temperature, pressure, and corrosive media. Applications are for pipe movement, corrosive media, vibration isolation, and pipe misalignment.

Uniweld Products Inc. demonstrated its EZ Turn Anti-Blowback fitting, which features a thrust bearing that allows a technician to quickly and easily connect a service hose to an access fitting while the system is under pressure, thus minimizing unwanted refrigerant spray. Its compact design makes it a good choice in tight work spaces, and its deep square knurling and textured orange-and-blue band make for easy fingertip control.

VAF Filtration Systems introduced its LCF-Series automatic self-cleaning filter skid for side-stream cooling tower separation of solids from water. Based on the micron selected, the removal of all solids to the micron rating can be achieved in a matter of minutes, not hours. When used in conjunction with the VAF Turbulator Eductor nozzle system, a wide stream system can provide an efficient method for keeping tower basins clean without interrupting the facilities processes. The LCF-Series significantly reduces maintenance costs, energy costs, chemical usage, and water consumption.

Van Packer Co. displayed its Model GZ two-hour, fire-rated, zero-clearance grease duct, available in sizes ranging from 6- to 10-inch inside diameter in 1-inch increments and 10- to 36-inch sizes inside diameter in 2-inch increments.

Vesbo North America Inc. showcased its composite faser pipe made of polypropylene random co-polymer (PP-R) resins. It consists of three layers, with 20 percent glass fiber/PP-R sandwiched between PP-R material in the inner layer and the surface layer. Vesbo EVERgreen pipe is designed for potable water, hot water, chilled water, and process water. Terra Verde pipe is designed for hot water, chilled water, and process water applications. Violetta pipe is designed for use in reclaimed water systems, which can be used for industrial cooling.

Victaulic Co. highlighted its Style 107 QuickVic® rigid couplings in 10- and 12-inch sizes, which expedite project construction by reducing installation steps, requiring only standard hand tools for assembly. Installation-ready technology features no loose parts and no need to disassemble before installation; the coupling is simply pushed onto the pipe-end as a fully assembled unit, joined by a second pipe-end and tightened. The company
also highlighted its Series TCP Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve (PIBCV), featuring balancing and control valve functions that are separate with full-stroke EQM modulation, providing superior control valve authority regardless of preset position. Both functions are optimized, providing building owners and designers the ability to optimize energy savings through optimal flow control.

Virginia, a Parker-Hannifin Corp. brand, introduced a patent-pending, high-foaming outdoor coil cleaner that penetrates deep into air-cooled condenser coil fins to remove dirt, cottonwood seeds, leaves, grass, and corrosion. The expanding foam pushes contamination out of the coil and is rinsed away with water. QWIK-Brite contains two acids, excluding hydrofluoric acid. The biodegradable, environmentally friendly formula breaks down naturally and does not contaminate groundwater.

Wessels Tank Co. showcased its WesPlate® heat exchanger, which consists of stamped plates designed to maximize heat transfer. Gaskets are fixed between the plates to contain the two separate fluids, which flow alternately between every other plate in order to produce the greatest rate of heat transfer and provide the closest temperature approach to the incoming cold fluid. The stamped plates use enhanced surface area to create scrubbing turbulence that increases the U-coefficient and increases heat transfer.

Westermeyer Industries Inc. has expanded its product offering with a full line of code-approved high-pressure components supporting operating pressures of transcritical CO2 systems. Transcritical components include oil separators, oil reservoirs, accumulators, and receivers. All of the products are designed to handle pressures up to 1,885 psig.

Western Enterprises, a Scott Fetzer Co., featured its HVAC nitrogen-purging hybrid regulator. It combines a nitrogen regulator and flowmeter, allowing the user to purge, braze, and pressure test with one unit. All settings are preset (purge, braze, test). No tools are needed to install it on a nitrogen cylinder. Two models are available: 250-psi test pressure (VN-250) and 500-psi test pressure (VN-500). The company said the product helps to ensure consistent high-quality installations while eliminating return service calls.

Wintech Windows showcased its Stainless Steel HVAC Access Doors. The all-stainless steel doors are designed for food-grade and petroleum applications for custom and OEM air-handling equipment. Panel thicknesses are available in 1 ½- or 2-inch sizes. Options include standard or Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gaskets, and are available in 304 or 316L stainless steel skins. Doors are insulated with BASF Autofroth® Free Rise Foam. Air leakage is tested at less than 0.1 cfm at 15 inches wc. Water leakage was measured at 0 percent at 4 inches of wc.

WSA Engineered Systems highlighted its brush-type automatic tube cleaning technology, which helps permanently solve the problem of fouling and deposits in heat exchangers, chillers, and condensers. The system wipes off foulants to maintain condenser performance and heat exchange rate using only four components without restricting water flow.

Xylem Inc. introduced the Series e-1510 single-stage end-suction centrifugal pump, which addresses key applications in commercial HVAC and plumbing systems. It offers a variety of configuration options, is available in 26 sizes, and offers flow rates of up to 4,000 gallons per minute (gpm). Also featured was the ecocirc XL high-efficiency large wet rotor circulator pump with smart communications capabilities and an ECM motor that enables pump operations to match demand. Designed for commercial heating and cooling systems, hot water applications, solar-thermal systems, and ground-source heat pumps, the ecocirc XL features automatic night setback, control options, and an optional Wi-Fi module.

Yaskawa America Inc. debuted the Z1000 variable-speed drive designed for building automation applications such as fans, pumps, and cooling towers through 500 hp. The Z1000 features HVAC-specific application macros, an LCD keypad that provides hand-off-auto interface, and a real-time clock.

Z-Flex U.S. Inc. showed its polypropylene flue systems for boilers and water systems.

ZoneFirst introduced its Plug-In Damper Motor with Adjustable Minimum Position. Previously, the motor was available only as full open and closed. Now the motor can be set to a minimum position to allow a constant minimum airflow through the damper instead of closing the damper fully. This can aid in reducing air noise and serve to bypass excess air in lieu of a using a separate bypass duct. A simple flip-down door accesses the movable cam, which is easily adjusted to set the minimum position. A small screw holds the cam in place when tightened. This adjustable feature includes simple plug-in wiring and an included modular cord. A visible two-color LED indicates the damper position and makes the MP12M the simplest motor to wire and checkout. All of the company’s Plug-In Dampers are now shipping with this new feature.

ZSI Inc. displayed its Cush-A-Nator, which is manufactured in the U.S. and made from a new, durable thermoplastic rubber that resists high heat and provides longer life against vibration fatigue. The Cush-A-Nator is made from a proprietary thermoplastic vulcanized material cross-linked with high-performance rubber and thermoplastic elastomers, which produces the highest operating temperature range in the industry.

Publication date: 2/17/2014 

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