Goodway Technologies is making a dirty job easier according to contractor judges in the 2013 Dealer Design Awards. The manufacturer’s RAMPRO Chiller Tube Cleaner earned gold in the DDA’s Hand Tools category. The portable rotary tube cleaner is compact and lightweight, and is specifically designed for contractors who clean high volumes of chiller and heat exchanger tubes up to 1-inch in diameter. The machine offers advanced design features like a chain drive, integrated water flush, quick-connect shafts and brushes, and reversible shaft rotation.

“We’re using the RAMPRO on a weekly, if not daily, basis starting each fall and winding up in early spring,” said Brandon Sonju, service operations manager, Bel-Aire Mechanical, Phoenix. “Goodway has always been the leader in this market, offering quality products. They’ve done a great job in adapting new technologies to better their product line and the RAMPRO is a shining example of that.”

Building for the Contractor

According to Goodway, almost three years of design and research went into the RAMPRO Chiller Tube Cleaner from conception to production. “Our products are used by contractors and facilities engineers. They are the best focus group there is. In fact, the initial idea for this product came out of our constant communications with our contractor end users,” said Timothy Kane, president, Goodway Technologies. “Once we completed a preliminary design and constructed a good working prototype, we asked a few of our contractor customers to give it a go and provide us with feedback. That process continued through the design and into production, and it continues today.”

The RAMPRO Chiller Tube Cleaner features three specific design items that were created to simplify the contractor’s job. The first is its roll cage design. It helps protect vital parts of the machine and gives contractors the idea that this product can endure punishment and is built to last. The second is its quick-connect shaft manifold. According to the company, the quick-connect shaft and brush system allows for faster shaft changes, removal, and installation, making tube cleaning jobs faster and easier.

The third is the chain drive system. This system is said to deliver more reliability of the overall product helping to eliminate losses due to breakage.

Designing for the Future

The RAMPRO Chiller Tube Cleaner’s power source requires a standard 115-V service. The unit also requires a regular water hose for water flush. Many components are field serviceable with replacement kits.

“This equipment is extremely light, easy to set up, and does not occupy much room in the service truck,” said Gus Gomez, service manager, Temptrol Air Conditioning Inc., Miami. “I highly recommend this product primarily when it comes to maintaining manufacturer recommendations on equipment, including its operational integrity and performance.”

Goodway Technologies plans to continue to develop new products for the HVACR industry, as well as the RAMPRO line.

“We are planning on introducing an additional model to the RAMPRO platform,” said Kane. “The new products will include even more features to help contractors better clean and treat tubes during maintenance procedures.”

Gold Winner Highlights

Goodway Technologies
RAMPRO Chiller Tube Cleaner

Silver Winner

Compact Swage Tool

The patent-pending hilmor Compact Swage Tool gives users the power to swage 1 5/8-inch tubing and the control to swage 5/16 inch without splitting the tube. Its compact, pistol-shaped design allows it to fit into the smallest spots while the hydraulic lever mechanism and release button allow for one-handed swaging without fatigue. Multiple expander heads can be quickly switched out to accommodate 5/16- to 1 5/8-inch tubing. The forged aluminum lightweight body decreases the weight of the tool while its compact ergonomic design makes one-handed swaging easier. The hydraulic mechanism reduces the amount of effort required to expand a tube, while the spring-loaded handle allows for controlling the pressure placed on the tube to avoid damaging or cracking.

Silver Winner Highlights

Compact Swage Tool

Publication date: 7/22/2013 

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