Just like it takes more than one ingredient to make a dinner, it takes more than one component to make up an HVAC system. While there are many components in an HVAC system, some are easier for technicians to install and work with than others. Besides adding their own features and benefits to the overall HVAC system, the following items have been recognized in the 2013 Dealer Design Awards contest as components that make a technician’s work in the field easier.

Portals Plus

The Pedestal Plus is a rooftop pipe mounting solution that features a white, UV-stable, reinforced PVC base made from 25 percent recycled material. It can accommodate several rooftop piping applications from ½ to 3 inches in diameter. It supports multiple pipes and up to 150 pounds. The Pedestal Plus incorporates a channel within the base of the product to capture the nut used to attach the piping to the base. This allows for a much more efficient means of installation, according to the company.

Matt Meyer, product manager, Hart & Cooley Inc., parent company of Portals Plus, said in terms of designing the product, the company “surveyed architects, mechanical engineers, contractors, and wholesalers with a questionnaire to allow crucial feedback.”

Meyer said the product was designed to make a technician’s job easier because it is able to contain a wide range of pipe and conduit sizes. He continued, “The Pedestal Plus replaces the use of wood blocks, which add time, cost, and future maintenance to a project.”

David Turner Jr., project manager, Turner Mechanical, North Augusta, S.C., said that the product is easy to install and use, and many of its features make projects easier. “It is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing in color on the white roofs we are working on, allows us LEED [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design] accreditation points, and it comes with the plumbing strap and bolts that we need for quick assembly.” He also said it’s easy to install and use.


Invented by Michael Moore, the director of Airtec Products, the GasGuard™ Models 86640, 86641, 86643, 86646, 86610, 86611, 86613, 86616, 86630, 86631, 86633, and 86636 are locking HVACR refrigerant valve caps designed to help prevent leaks, theft, and huffing. The merchandising packs are offered in refrigerant-identifying pink for R-410A, green for R-22, or silver for universal refrigerants. The oil- and sealant-resistant, neoprene O-ring seal offers secondary leak protection. The product spins freely during tampering and can’t be removed without a proprietary socket. The 5/16-inch-diameter sizes are available for European and Asian air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Robert Martinelli, director of corporate development, Rectorseal, said, “The device is designed to be resistant to tampering, chemicals, and the environment while still being easy to install and remove by the technician.”

He also said that the Gas Guard is made to withstand typical HVAC cleaning and servicing chemicals and has “passed a 450-hour salt-spray test.”


The Danfoss WVFX, a pressure-actuated valve, is used for regulating the flow of water in any refrigeration or air conditioning system with a water-cooled condenser. Water valves regulate water flow thereby controlling and maintaining constant condensing pressure. According to Danfoss, the valve has a printed scale for repeatability in installations, and a control element engineered to minimize drift and maximize product lifetime.

Nicholas Morosoff, business development manager, wholesale, Danfoss, said the valve was designed using contractor feedback from those who have installed and serviced other water valves, both Danfoss and competitor models.

He said that a few of the features designed with technicians in mind are a knob that permits easy field adjustments, robust bellow design to minimize field failures and callbacks, and several refinements to reduce drift and the need for adjustments over time — increased surface of the bellows element and lubricated O-rings to reduce friction.

Morosoff continued, “This product gives the technician one more tool in his chest as he strives to decrease time spent on jobs and minimize callbacks.”

Gold Winners Highlights

Portals Plus, a Hart & Cooley Inc. brand
Pedestal Plus

GasGuard™ Locking Refrigerant Caps

WVFX Water Valve

Silver Winner

Puma Pump™

The Puma Pump™ by Comet Pumps® is a small, portable pump system that is engineered for air conditioning service professionals. The pump can be used by air conditioning service technicians to remove excess condensate from a secondary or auxiliary drain pan at 3 gpm. It is lightweight, has a small footprint, and can be plugged into a 110-V outlet. It also has the option of being powered by a 12-V battery. The entire system weighs 4 pounds, allowing the user to freely move up and down stairs and in and out of attics without having to carry around a shop vacuum.

Silver Winner Highlights

Comet Pumps®
Puma Pump™

Silver Winner

AquaGuard AG-9300-U Universal Water Sensor for Mini-Split Systems Model AG-9300-U

Resource Conservation Technologies’ AquaGuard AG-9300-U Universal Water Sensor for Mini-Split Systems Model AG-9300-U is a universal condensate water sensor developed to be compatible with all major manufacturers’ mini-split or duct-free systems currently on the market. It continuously monitors any condensate overflow in the primary drain pan and automatically shuts off the mini-split or duct-free system and activates an audible alarm if any overflow is detected. The unit is powered by a long-life lithium battery, which can last up to the life of the mini-split or duct-free unit without the need to run off the high-voltage power of the mini-split or duct-free unit, said the company. The AG-9300-U is wired directly into the communication line of the mini-split or duct-free system.

Silver Winner Highlights

Resource Conservation Technologies
AquaGuard AG-9300-U
Universal Water Sensor
for Mini-Split Systems Model AG-9300-U

Bronze Winner

Electric Distributor Expansion Valve EDEV-B/C-(C)U

The Sporlan Electric Distributor Expansion Valve (EDEV) by Parker Hannifin is a cartridge electric expansion valve (EEV) integrated directly into a refrigerant distributor. Every circuit is given equal access to high-quality two-phase refrigerant, permitting even loading across the coil. The EDEV incorporates three primary functions. First, it manages the expansion process that is fundamental to every refrigeration cycle. Second, the refrigerant is distributed to multi-circuit evaporators by directly coupling the evaporator circuits to the expansion chamber. This eliminates the potential for refrigerant stratification, or separation of liquid and vapor refrigerant, between the expansion valve and refrigerant distributor. Third, an optional internal check valve is available to permit reverse flow bypass of the expansion valve port, typically required in heat pump applications.

Bronze Winner Highlights

Parker Hannifin — Sporlan Division
Electric Distributor Expansion Valve EDEV-B/C-(C)U

Publication date: 7/22/2013 

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