Electronic, Software-Driven Soft StarterReducing the locked rotor amperage (LRA) or in-rush current on compressors and motors by 70 percent, the Sure-Start is an electronic, software-driven soft starter that assists in the prevention of brownouts caused by the increased use of equipment during peak periods, said the company. It reduces light-flicker and compressor/motor startup problems along with extending the life of the equipment. The Sure-Start comes in single-phase (115 V and 230 V) and three-phase (208-230 V and 460 V) models. It can be used as an OEM feature or an aftermarket add-on and is used on applications for HVACR (conventional and geothermal), marine/RV, backup generators, solar-power, pumps, and the military.

Hyper Engineering Pty. Ltd.

eProduct 185