Thermal-Imaging CameraThe a50 and z50 Heat Spy Inspector series thermal-imaging cameras have a measurement range of -4° to 356°F (-20° to 180°C) temperature accuracy of greater than ± 2 percent of reading or ± 2°C. The temperature scale is user-selectable to C, F, and K. They have one heat-seeking, one cold-seeking, and two adjustable-temperature cursors. Camera features include a 17.5- by 13-degree field of view, a manual focus, and 1.9 mrad spatial resolution. The cameras have 2GB SD, time-stamped image storage. The cameras offer 11 display color palettes and 11 languages. Free annual calibrations and firmware updates are now included with a purchase of the Heat Spy Inspector Series thermal imaging cameras. They are calibrated using NIST-traceable equipment. NIST-certified calibrations are also available.

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group

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