Available in free-standing or wall-mounted options for indoor or outdoor applications, the Tankless Rack System (TRS) can be ordered, built, and shipped fully assembled, including gas and water manifolds, to any location in the United States and Canada, including the job site, said the company. Indoor installations can be configured with either the manufacturer’s standard polypropylene concentric venting or its new common venting system. Individual racks can hold between two and six of the company’s 199,000-Btu condensing units which have an energy factor of 0.95. For even larger tankless systems, multiple racks can be banked to give commercial customers up to 25 units and nearly 5 million Btu of input capacity. The free-standing version of the fully assembled TRS fits through a standard 32-inch doorway, even with attached water heaters. The racks are constructed of powder-coated aluminum to stand up to the most demanding commercial environments, while minimizing weight, said the company. The TRS is available with the common venting system, which allows for the connection of up to eight 199,000-Btu condensing units together using the same exhaust and intake venting. According to the manufacturer, the common venting system allows for longer vent runs and utilizes only two terminations for each bank of units. An eight-unit system has a maximum vent length of 41 feet and offers 1.5 million Btu, and for seven or fewer units, the maximum length is 100 feet. Common venting is available with the TRS or can be ordered separately for any application requiring multiple condensing units.

Rinnai America Corp.

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