SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Building owners, designers, and contractors considering a geothermal heat pump system may now determine the associated federal tax credits, using Carrier’s new white paper, “Geothermal Heat Pump Systems and Federal Tax Incentives.”

The document, which provides an overview of the federal tax credit along with a payback analysis for new construction, retrofit, or replacement installations, is available for free on Carrier’s website.

The paper depicts scenarios that may deliver tax benefits of up to 50 percent off the original project cost in just five years.

The Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 expanded the investment tax credit to include geothermal heat pump systems. Under this program, a tax credit worth 10 percent of project costs can be claimed for geothermal heat pump systems placed in service before the end of 2016.

“A renewable source of energy makes the geothermal heat pump system one of the most efficient HVAC systems available,” said Greg Alcorn, vice president, commercial sales and marketing, Carrier. “Federal tax credit and depreciation deduction incentives increase the appeal of these cost-effective, flexible systems even further.”

Carrier’s Aquazone™ water source heat pump products can be used in all types of water loop, ground water, and ground loop type systems. The units meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies and boast extended ranges of operation from 20°F to 110°F along with a wide variety of options. To learn more about Carrier’s Aquazone water source heat pumps or to download a free copy of the white paper, visit

Publication date: 12/10/2012