PEX press systemFor joining cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing, a plastic PEX Press system that includes the company’s innovative Smart Connect feature, is available. The Smart Connect feature enables installers to easily spot unpressed connections during pressure testing by allowing water to flow past the fitting on a missed connection. The PEX Press system is suitable for potable water and radiant applications in residential and light commercial projects. The fittings feature corrosion resistance and compliance with Zero Lead™ requirements. The system uses the same hand and power tools as the bronze PEX Press system to join PEX tubing using plastic fittings without O-rings, glues, cements, or lubricants. The hand tools do not require calibration, so installers can trust that each connection is secure every time, said the company. The PEX press fittings are factory assembled with attached stainless steel sleeves with three view holes, which helps installers insert tubing correctly ensuring proper installation. Color-coded tool locator rings ensure proper alignment of the press tool. The PEX press system can be used with all the manufacturer’s tubing. Fittings are available in sizes 3⁄8 to 2 inches, and include couplings, elbows, tees, lav adapters, and closet adapters. The system offers metallic threaded and solder transition adapters for joining PEX tubing with other materials.


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