As commercial building systems become more complicated and there are fewer technicians in the field to perform work, it becomes more and more useful and perhaps even necessary to have good commercial controls. Although controls don’t take the place of technicians or facility maintenance personnel, these systems prove their worth with all the data and other information they provide on the building and the work they perform day to day.

Three products have been selected to receive awards in The NEWS’ ninth annual Dealer Design awards in the Commercial Controls category. Gold went to the Tasseron Sensors and Controls’ Qwik Average duct averaging sensor, silver was given to Emerson Climate Technologies’ Copeland Scroll™ Compressors with CoreSense™ Communications, and bronze was awarded to Johnson Controls’ Commercial Comfort Systems (CCS) 1.2.

Gold Winner

The Tasseron Sensors and Controls Qwik Average duct averaging sensor is a revolutionary twist to a standard duct averaging sensor, the company claimed. The sensor is used to take an average reading in large ductwork, and send that information back to a controller.

The Qwik Average duct averaging temperature sensors monitor and transmit changes in duct air temperature to the building control system. They are compatible with whatever building automation system is installed. They provide accurate, reliable indication of duct temperature. The Qwik Average comes with two types of housings: a galvanized box housing or an injection-molded polycarbonate housing. Both feature two U.S. patents: patent-pending Qwik Connects and patent-pending Qwik Coupling.

The Qwik Connects eliminate wire nuts. This saves about two minutes per sensor, said the manufacturer. The other time saver is the Qwik Coupling. It allows the contractor to be able to do the job with one person instead of two. With the Qwik Average, its modular two-piece design allows for one contractor to mount the enclosure on the duct, then walk into the duct with the 24-foot sensor and clip it into the enclosure that was just mounted. According to the company, this means no more feeding it through a small hole, no more need for two workers, and no more bending or crimping for the tube, which ruins the tube. Also, from a maintenance standpoint, if the sensor did happen to fail, the technician would not have to replace the entire sensor, but just unclip and replace the tube only.

“Excellent idea!” said one judge about the product.

Silver Winner

The Copeland Scroll™ Compressors with CoreSense™ Communications by Emerson Climate Technologies features an onboard communications module for Copeland Scroll™ compressors within commercial air conditioning systems. Copeland Scroll compressors with CoreSense Communications technology stream diagnostics information on the compressor’s operation to the system controller. By using the compressor as a sensor, valuable data from inside the system can be accessed and monitored by the controller, improving performance and reliability — even proactively shutting down the compressor to prevent a catastrophic failure. The product is currently available on 20- to 40-hp large commercial scrolls (ZP236, ZP296, ZP485).

Facility managers and technicians using Copeland Scroll compressors with CoreSense communications modules will get real-time information, allowing them to efficiently diagnose and proactively manage their commercial system. Both motor and scroll temperature protection inside the compressor ensures the reliability of Copeland Scroll compressors.

In addition to real-time data, CoreSense Communications modules provide historical information from the unit, identifying faults that have occurred over the life of the compressor. Having this information allows the technician on the job to more accurately diagnose commercial systems, equating to shorter and fewer site visits.

“Seems like this would help technicians correctly diagnose problems, saving the customer money,” said a judge.

Bronze Winner

Commercial Comfort Systems (CCS) 1.2 by Johnson Controls combines innovative HVAC equipment and integrated controls in an efficient, easy-to-operate building solution. Each CCS system features Johnson Controls single packaged HVAC equipment, factory- and field-installed accessories, control systems, and terminal devices. Equipment includes Johnson Controls Series 5 (3-6 ton), 10 (3-12.5 ton), 20 (15-25 ton), 40 (25-40 ton), and 100 (5-65 ton) outdoor, single packaged equipment featuring environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. Control systems include systems manager, zone coordinator, input/ouput module, zone sensor, and HVAC equipment controllers. Terminal devices include Johnson Controls bypass and zone dampers and VAV boxes with integrated controller.

Commercial Comfort Systems can and are used in any space and facility where there is a need for independently zoned controls for occupant comfort, space temperature, and humidity control.

CCS feature factory-installed controls and factory-configured components specially designed for commercial and light commercial users. CCS can be designed to “arrive alive” for ease of installation. In some cases, this means that the complete HVAC damper assembly is factory-mounted-and-wired and factory-configured, and the system manager requires no programming, with the ability to control multiple constant-volume single packaged units, zone coordinators for zoning systems, and input/output modules. There is no programming (and no laptop) required. The only setup functionality involves configuration changes, such as to set up the schedule or to change set points. As a result, there is no need for a high-level control technician, resulting in reduced installation costs. The integrated system of equipment, HVAC controls, and accessories enable nontechnical building staff to navigate, monitor, and control functions from a single intuitive user interface. The system includes factory-packaged controls that feature self-tuning algorithms to make setup and programming easy and to eliminate the need for programming or specialized controls knowledge to operate the system. From a service standpoint, a convertible airflow feature reduces the amount of sheet metal cutting in the field. Gas and electric knockouts at the bottom and side of the unit provide easy access. Additional service-friendly features include easy access to the control compartment, compressors, filters, and heating section, and a single assembly that moves the motor and blower out for inspections and servicing.

One judge said that the product “seems like a good solution to a complicated control system.”

Sidebar: 2012 Honorees — Commercial Controls

Gold Winner

Manufacturer: Tasseron Sensors and Controls
Product: Qwik Average THAX240G

Silver Winner

Manufacturer: Emerson Climate Technologies
Product: Copeland Scroll™ Compressors
with CoreSense™ Communications

Bronze Winner

Manufacturer: Johnson Controls, Building Efficiency
Product: Commercial Comfort Systems (CCS)

Publication date: 7/9/2012