PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. — Renewable Energy Solution Systems Inc. (RES Systems) announced that it is now a distributor of Sun Power Technologies direct current (dc) powered HVAC systems for wireless telecom cell sites. According to the companies, Sun Power Technologies’ dc powered HVAC system combined with RES Systems’ Razor Series™ dc to dc converter provides a solar technology platform specifically designed for the wireless telecom market.

Sun Power Technologies manufactures dc powered air conditioners ranging from 1,500 Btu to 22,000 Btu that are telecom-specific HVAC systems for cabinets and shelters designed for both on and off grid applications. The dc powered Comfort T Series can be configured with solar or grid tied input power options and operated with a lead lag controller when redundancy is required. Sun Power has a patented design and all products are 100 percent dc powered.

“Sun Power Technologies is pleased to be working with RES Systems. We believe that our product in conjunction with the RES Systems’ Razor Series will allow the wireless telecom market to realize the maximum benefit of renewable energy generation while increasing the life of their equipment and driving lower operating costs for the wireless telecom site,” said Bret Reinhardt, president and CEO, Sun Power Technologies.

RES Systems Razor Series is specifically designed for wireless telecom carriers. A typical cell site runs on dc power, and a conventional solar application does not address the inefficiencies associated with solar generated power, said the company. The Razor Series solar solution continues to produce power during daylight hours even if the grid goes down, and adding the Comfort T Series provides the cell site with a dc powered HVAC solution that optimizes the dc-power loading and lengthens the life of the cell site’s batteries and electronics.

“RES Systems’ proven scalability and design excellence, joined with the dc Comfort T Series, is a significant dc to dc combination. Introducing Sun Power Technologies dc Comfort T Series enhances our product line and meets our marketing objective of targeting key domestic and international wireless telecom carriers and delivering to them highly efficient dc to dc renewable solutions. We expect that it will quickly position the company with arguably the strongest dc to dc solar power solution platform available,” said Gregory Okpych, RES Systems president.

For more information, visit www.renewablesolutions.com.

Publication date: 6/4/2012