Manufacturers continue to make advances in compressors, especially when it comes to efficiency and ease of maintenance. This roundup highlights some of the latest offerings to hit the market, as well as those that will be available later this year.


A 5-2-1 Compressor Saver® significantly reduces the amount of time an a/c compressor takes to start. Air conditioners with the 5-2-1 Compressor Saver typically start in 30-50 percent less time than air conditioners without the product, claimed the company.

Start-up is the hardest time in the life of any type of electrical equipment, due to the huge current that rushes in when a switch is thrown and power is first applied. The heat that accompanies the in-rush current can damage vital a/c components such as the compressor, the run capacitor, and contacts.

Some top-of-the-line air conditioners come from the factory with 5-2-1 technology built in.


Bitzer offers several different products including its ASME certified shell and tube heat exchangers, which feature U-tube design technology that reduces leak potential by 50 percent and enables the tube bundle to be fully removable and serviceable. They also feature external and internal profiled copper or cupronickel tubes, removable end covers for mechanical cleaning, and coated tube-sheets for corrosion protection.

Bitzer’s integrated variable-frequency drive octagon reciprocating compressors feature suction gas cooled integrated variable-frequency drives, allowing users to install preprogrammed and optimized VFD-equipped recips in high ambient temperature applications. By integrating the drive into the end bell of the compressors, these compressors eliminate maintenance requirements associated with external drives.

Bitzer’s CSW compact screw compressors are optimized for low-condensing temperature applications, making these models suitable for when replacing old, inefficient screw or reciprocating models in water-cooled chillers or air-cooled systems operating under moderate climate conditions. These compressors provide equivalent EERs to complex oil-less, centrifugal models, the company said.


Carlyle recently introduced its 06M compressor designed for R-410A refrigerant. The new compressor utilizes state-of-the-art design, multiple unloading choices for superior part-load efficiency gains, and intelligent electronic diagnostics. Other design features include standard motor protection, multiple suction locations, space-saving footprint, service-friendly concept, and positive displacement oil pump. According to the manufacturer, there are numerous advantages of using this compressor in the commercial air conditioning market segment. The new model will be ready for production by the end of the year, and will be manufactured at Carlyle’s Stone Mountain, Ga., plant.


Danfoss introduced the new Performer HCJ Series scroll compressors for light-commercial and commercial air conditioning applications and the Performer® VSD, a variable-speed compressor designed for the residential market that integrates power electronics, scroll technology, and advanced software.

Scroll compressors in the Performer HCJ Series are designed with several new patented features, including a patented hybrid scroll wrap that allows more capacity in less space, ductile iron scrolls and a patented carbon main bearing for enhanced reliability, patented lower bearing ring and integrated stamped oil pan for low compressor vibrations, and an optimized motor design that offers the competitive performance to address needs for increased energy efficiency.

The Performer VSD mates the first high-capacity scroll compressor for R-410A refrigerant with a variable-frequency drive to deliver exactly the capacity required for cooling every minute of the day. With a delivered capacity range from 3 to 5 tons, the compressor solves the problem of wasted energy at partial load, achieving energy savings that can exceed 20 percent, the manufacturer said.


Emerson offers the Copeland Scroll™ K5 refrigeration compressor. With the potential to reduce refrigeration-related energy expenses by up to 10 percent, the Copeland Scroll K5 refrigeration compressor is designed for large refrigeration applications (7.5 to 15 hp). Every Copeland Scroll K5 refrigeration compressor comes equipped with CoreSense™ technology, which aids contractors in diagnosing compressor issues, either on-site or remotely, reducing system downtime and unnecessary callbacks, the company said.

Another offering is the Copeland Scroll™ variable-speed compressor. Designed for high-efficiency heat pump and air conditioning systems, Emerson’s new variable speed compressor allows heat pumps to achieve 13 HSPF and 20+ SEER efficiency.


Tecumseh offers its Celseon® fractional horsepower condensing units, which are built around a common base plate that accommodates an assortment of Tecumseh AE compressor models and standardized components. A variety of options are offered, including shaded pole or energy-efficient electronically commutated fan motors, service valves, and liquid line receivers. Simplified fastening methods have been incorporated into the design, thereby reducing assembly time and improving product quality.

According to the manufacturer, these units feature easy replacement because Celseon’s compact size works well in space-restricted areas, making it easy to integrate into equipment designs, as well as replace existing Tecumseh and competitive air-cooled condensing units. Additionally, the units’ sweat connections facilitate brazing of refrigerant lines, reducing the potential source of leaks. Electrical screw terminations simplify wiring, saving time and money, the company said.

Publication date: 03/26/2012