FORT COLLINS, Colo. — SageSim™ LLC, a leading provider of return-on-investment (ROI) simulation technology, has announced the availability of SageSim-es™ (SageSim Energy System Simulator), a simulation application designed to quickly model and optimize energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy applications.

According to the company, residential and commercial energy systems are complex, include multiple variables, vary as a function of geographic location, and are very difficult to optimize manually. SageSim-es is a patent-pending web application that tackles the complexity of optimizing energy systems by modeling all points of energy consumption, energy efficiency improvements, non-renewable and renewable energy sources, geographic constraints, and economic objectives. SageSim-es’ models include efficiency improvements, PV solar, wind, geothermal, solar heat, and high-efficiency HVAC equipment. Commercial and residential consumption models are based on Department of Energy survey data or the structure’s actual energy usage. ROI calculations include federal, state, and local economic incentives. Optimization includes interactive what-if analysis and statistical variation of key variables.

“We work with building owners to reduce operating costs and environmental impact while simultaneously improving occupant comfort, heath, safety and ultimately productivity on projects of all sizes,” said Brian C. Adams, LEED AP and project manager at Integrated Building Energy Associates LLC. “With SageSim-es we can sit with a customer and in minutes model the structure and outline possible improvements to the complete energy system, including energy efficiency and renewable energy alternatives. This helps develop credibility with our customers and accelerate our sales cycle.”

“Our customers have several choices in residential and commercial clean energy alternatives,” said Ed Malloy, director, marketing and business development, at New England Renewable Energy Systems. “SageSim-es is an invaluable tool for our customers to learn and visualize the economic tradeoffs between utility, solar, wind, and geothermal energy alternatives. SageSim has terrific modeling technology, unbiased renewable energy expertise, and an affordable business model customized to our needs in a secure customer portal.”

“In many situations the results of a complex economic decision are counterintuitive,” said Dr. Mick Tegethoff, president at SageSim. “With SageSim-es, participants in the residential and commercial energy ecosystem can accelerate their sales cycle by quickly providing their customers with an optimized energy strategy for their unique situation.”

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Publication date: 10/31/2011