Electronic unit controllerThe Electronic Unit Controller is designed for Copeland® condensing units with low-pressure controls. According to the manufacturer, electronic pressure-sensing accuracy maintains a tighter low-pressure control tolerance than mechanical controls to help decrease costly callbacks. The large, easy-to use LED interface and use of suction pressure transducer sensing allows field setup time to be reduced to less than one minute. To prevent costly compressor failure and improve operator uptime, the Electronic Unit Controller features built-in system protection. The unit controller eliminates the use of cap tubes and enables smart discharge line temperature protection to shut down the compressor in the event of high return gas temperatures or high compression ratios. To help contractors more quickly and accurately troubleshoot and diagnose field issues, the controller shows current suction pressure, plus stores alarm occurrence codes, discharge temperature trips, and service run time information. It also features smart fan cycling control through mid-coil temperature sensing on all dual-fan units. The controller is designed to work with any refrigerant, including R-22, R-404A, R-507, R-134a, and R-407C, giving contractors the flexibility to select the right refrigerant for the application.

Emerson Climate Technologies

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