MILWAUKEE - Johnson Controls has equipped its York, Luxaire, and Coleman HVAC distributors and dealers with the GreenOhm Rebate and Incentive Finder. Designed to help distributors and dealers identify rebates and incentives on York, Coleman, and Luxaire brands of HVAC components and systems, the new tool is readily available at no additional cost to Liberties dealers who participate in the Liberties website program.

“The GreenOhm Rebate and Incentive Finder gives these dealers the opportunity to highlight a good-better-best product offering on their websites and show the rebates and incentives, by zip code, tied to these products,” explained Brenda Keith, Johnson Controls Unitary Products marketing project manager. According to Keith, the tool enables dealers to customize their web pages to show their selected good-better-best offering for models, based on their distributors’ stocked models. Or, the dealer can choose to default to a selection made by the distributor.

“The freedom to create their own good-better-best options gives dealers the opportunity to feature systems that they are promoting or systems that are tied to a local rebate,” said Keith. Additionally, the Green Ohm tool allows both distributors and dealers to search for rebates and incentives, again by zip codes, associated with other systems and components not featured in the good-better-best option.

“Being able to easily search and gather all of the rebates available for a potential model or system gives the dealer a great advantage in the sales process,” Keith noted. “At the same time, consumers have the ability to search dealer websites for rebates and incentives, which helps drive sales to the dealer.”

The web page also links consumers to an energy savings calculator, providing homeowners with a more complete savings picture that includes energy savings associated with the equipment as well as the available rebates and incentives.

Less than a month after the program launched, Lee Guthman, president and founder of GreenOhm, has traced almost 10,000 rebate searches by the public, which translates to 30,000 combinations of good-better-best components. In addition, consumers have downloaded hundreds of rebate and incentive forms.

“The activity we’re seeing speaks to the benefits the tool offers consumers as well as dealers and distributors,” said Guthman. “It provides consumers with a level of understanding with regard to the rebate process that they did not previously have. At the same time, it makes it easier for dealers and distributors to stay on top of available incentives, improving the sales process, and actually helps drive sales to their businesses.

“Meanwhile, the deployment of the tool to the dealer level underscores the value Johnson Controls places on its relationships with its dealer network and portrays the company as a progressive, thought-leading manufacturer.”

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Publication date:07/04/2011