SecureStart™ is an electronic module that provides safe and consistent start-up performance for single-phase Copeland® compressors. By continuously monitoring motor current and voltage, the module protects compressors from damaging low voltage while significantly reducing in-rush current up to 75 percent, says the company. This allows contractors to meet local regulations; provide reliable system performance and longevity; and help homeowners avoid nuisances, such as light flicker, caused by current variations. According to the manufacturer, because of the module’s capabilities to significantly reduce the current needed for motor start-up, SecureStart can reduce the size of generators needed from 8 to 3 hp in mobile power applications. The module can be used with Copeland Scroll® single-stage, Ultratech™ two-stage, or Digital™ compressors, and motors with a maximum operating current of 32A. It is self-adjusting to the motor starting current, requiring no manual calibration.

Emerson Climate Technologies;

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