SAN RAMON, Calif. - The EnOcean Alliance announced that it has signed up its 200th member company, NanoSense. NanoSense develops products using EnOcean and KNX technologies that regulate and optimize air quality inside buildings. Originally created in April 2008 by Distech Controls, EnOcean, Masco, MK Electric, Omnio, and Thermokon, the EnOcean Alliance now counts 200 members from 20 different countries. Collectively, the alliance said its members support 750 interoperable products deployed in over 200,000 buildings worldwide that use energy harvesting wireless technology designed for building automation systems. Other alliance members include General Electric, Siemens, Honeywell, and Texas Instruments.

According to the EnOcean Alliance, it has created an ecosystem around energy harvesting wireless technology to create an industry standard, continue product interoperability, and promote the technology among members. EnOcean-based energy harvesting solutions are battery-less and wireless, and therefore operate independent of an external energy source. The sensors “harvest and store” tiny amounts of energy from motion, light, or temperature differences. The harvested power is sufficient to transmit a wireless signal and intelligently control lighting, heating, and air conditioning systems. In many cases, the alliance said, they deliver recurring savings of 20-30 percent in new building installations and up to 80 percent savings in retrofit scenarios. Maintenance, cabling requirements, and installation time are also significantly reduced.

“I’m very proud to welcome our 200th member company to the alliance,” said Graham Martin, EnOcean Alliance chairman and CEO. “We’ve seen significant growth in just three years and this milestone is a real symbol of vitality and dynamism of the alliance. This fine success rewards all of the work carried out by our members and our promoters.”

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Publication date:06/20/2011