BROOKLYN, N.Y. - BP Air Conditioning Corp., a leader in HVAC systems maintenance and service in New York City, is now using FieldConnect’s software solutions and Android tablets to manage its field service operations, it was announced by FieldConnect President, Rick Galyean.

Jack Fanneran, president of BP Air, said, “FieldConnect enables us to create an interactive process that creates transparency. Our customers as well as our technicians feel comfortable knowing they can access data information whenever they need to. With the integration of FieldConnect to Microsoft Dynamics, we have increased our accountability to the client as well as enabling our technicians access to the resources in real time. This Asset Management Portal (BP AMP) allows the tech to better serve our client. The data capture from the field direct into our system has streamlined the process, which has created efficiencies which we seem to discover daily beyond our initial expectations.”

For over three decades, BP Air has been providing HVAC systems and services to New York’s leading businesses and institutions. The BP Group - BP Air Conditioning Corp., BP Mechanical Corp, and EECNY LLC - provides a “one-stop-shop” for HVAC projects, maintenance, repairs, and mission critical support services. BP has built a firm with parallel capabilities that provide infrastructure solutions to IT data centers. This is inclusive of design build and service of critical sites, providing secured backup power systems (i.e., generator, UPS ATS PDU, etc.) services through EECNY, as well as precision control of temperature and humidity through BP Mechanical and BP Air Conditioning.

FieldConnect was selected for its complete product offering and tight integration into Microsoft Dynamics SL. BP Air installed FieldConnect’s FieldAccess and FieldDirect products.

BP Air’s technicians are using FieldAccess to send and receive their work orders electronically, allowing for same day billing of service work. FieldAccess gives BP Air’s technicians access to work history, diagrams, pictures, and electronic timecards. The device selected to operate FieldAccess was Samsung’s Galaxy tablet running Android. To BP Air’s technicians, the Galaxy’s always-on feature and familiar operating system, coupled with its convenient size, made it a perfect fit for FieldAccess.

FieldDirect was selected to provide BP Air’s customers a real-time online portal. BP Air’s customers benefit from being able to request service, research history of service by equipment and location, and monitor their entire HVAC inventory.

According to Lisa Caruso, VP Finance at BP Air, “By employing the utilization of FieldConnect, our fiscal competencies have been expanded tenfold through the capture and transmission of data in a real-time manner. This has increased the timeliness of our billing and collections process. The technician’s labor is cleaner and more accurate. All these efficiencies enable our fiscal management program producing great KPIs and the ability to provide more critical and accurate support to our operations team.”

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Publication date:06/06/2011