GOLD: SimpleSox

SimpleSox™ is a field-adjustable, modular, configurable, and fully-stocked fabric air dispersion system for smaller, non-plan/specification ventilation applications. SimpleSox systems are simple to design, 40 to 80-percent quicker to install, and 15 to 50-percent less expensive than conventional metal duct/register systems. Designed for HVAC contractors with simple design-build heating/cooling/ventilating projects; SimpleSox targets retail strip center tenant improvement projects, commercial facility build-outs or floor plan reconfigurations, manufacturing/warehouse industrial plant retrofits, or any other open ceiling architecture application. It's perfect for small ventilation projects under $3,000 materials and labor.



The EOS is a completely self sufficient “plug-n-play” unit. The contractor simply connects duct work and mounts the diffuser in the ceiling grid. Nothing else is required. Even for balancing, the contractor does not have to worry about adjusting the pattern controller blades for the appropriate pattern for cooling (horizontal pattern) or heating (vertical pattern). The diffuser knows what position it is supposed to be in by sensing the temperature of the supply air and will automatically provide the correct pattern. The unique features and characteristics of the EOS result in the highest level of ventilation effectiveness, indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort in the occupied space per ASHRAE standards. The unit has been cycle tested for a 25 year period and requires no maintenance after installed. It can provide energy savings in the range of 30 percent, can help achieve LEED credits, and is truly a “user friendly” diffuser for the building owner, building occupants, and especially the installing contractor.


BRONZE: WhisperGreen-Lite

The ceiling mounted, 80 cubic feet per minute (cfm) WhisperGreen-Lite™ FV-08VKML3 exhaust fan is designed for 4-inch ducts in homes and light commercial applications. Energy Star® rated, the product is powered by Panasonic’s patented SmartFlow™ Optimum CFM Technology. It features a motion sensor, built-in variable-speed controls, and a high/low delay timer up to 60 minutes, providing dual-function - intermittent and continuous - ventilation. New features also include a contemporary flush mount grille that incorporates a 32-Watt Energy Star rated compact fluorescent lamp light fixture and a 4-watt night light. Detachable adaptors; firmly secured duct ends, adjustable mounting brackets up to 26 inches; fan/motor units that detach easily from the housing; and simple wiring all lend themselves to user-friendly installation, according to the company. This model also features a double-hanger bar system.The product features an enclosed DC motor rated for 60,000 hours continuous run. It comes with a six-year warranty on the DC motor and three-year warranty on parts. The fan housing is made of heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel and painted to protect it from rust.

Panasonic Home & Environment Co.