HERON, Mont. - HVACRedu.net, an online industry education provider, updated its Certificate of Completion issued to HVACR apprenticeship students who have successfully completed a year of its online training curriculum. The new certificate went into effect on May 28, 2010.

The new certificate is designed to be more professionally attractive for framing and to recognize the accomplishment of the apprentices who earn it. Also, the new certificate provides more information, including a term of validity. It will expire five years after the date of completion.

The expiration date should have no impact on any active apprentices. Because apprentices use the certificate to verify successful completion of the related training portion of their apprenticeship program each year, they often provide it to their employer or send a copy to the state office of apprenticeship. The state office uses it as part of their approval to advance the apprentice into the next year of the program or to approve the technician for the journeyman licensing exam. A four-year apprenticeship program is usually completed before the five-year certificate expiration.

For more information, visit www.hvacredu.net.

Publication date:01/10/2011