MAPLE GROVE, Minn. - Contractor Steve Sinkie wants to help Twin Cities homeowners cut HVAC costs and go green. So he agreed to a starring role in a new video that educates people about the merits of zoned heating and cooling.

“Zoning your heating and cooling is a smart, green home improvement,” said Sinkie, president of Heating & Cooling Two Inc. “By shutting off unoccupied rooms, and directing heated or cooled air only where you need it, zoning saves you up to 25 percent on your energy bills and keeps you comfortable in every room.”

The video, introduced by Zonefirst Inc., is designed to show homeowners and HVAC contractors how easy it is to add zoning to an existing home. Thanks in part to the development of wireless thermostats and retrofit dampers, the video emphasizes that “zoning isn’t just for new construction anymore.”

“The perfect time to consider zoning is when you’re remodeling,” said Sinkie. “Often builders and remodelers are quick to add more heating and cooling equipment, which is costly - and not very eco-friendly. Instead, zoning helps you use your existing equipment to heat or cool the new or renovated space.”

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Publication date:12/13/2010