ST. CHARLES, Mo. - Stan Pattie passed away at age 69. He had retired working for ICM in October 2010. He was highly respected for his creativity, work ethic, determination to exceed his goals, and love for his colleagues.

He briefly attended Portland State University, where he studied architecture. Following school, he was a milkman for Carnation Dairy in Portland, Ore. In 1968, Mr. Pattie went to work for Northwest Natural Gas. He later worked for White-Rodgers while living in the Pacific Northwest. In 1986, he was promoted and relocated to St. Louis, where he continued with the company through the mid-1990s. He later went to work for Maplechase.

He was an avid golfer, work associates said. He also loved good jazz and most types of music.

He is survived by his daughter Paige, son Nicholas (Lisa), and his five grandchildren: Aleasha, Damon, Emma, Samantha, and Amanda.

Donations in his honor can be made to the St. Charles Chapter of “Goodfellas.”

Publication date:02/28/2011