MILWAUKEE - Rite-Hite, a leader in high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans and other products, has unveiled an all-new website. The company said the enhanced site, located at, significantly strengthens its online presence and allows web visitors to quickly and easily find the information they’re seeking. The new site also unifies all of the company’s social media tools into a single, easy-to-access portal - allowing customers, prospects, and other stakeholders to stay connected to Rite-Hite and keep abreast of relevant news and industry trends.

“It’s critical to have a website that serves as a welcoming introduction to a company,” said Tiffany Weigand, e-business marketing manager for Rite-Hite. “But, web visitors today also expect an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with regularly updated information about a company and its products. Plus, social media tools - like Facebook and Twitter - need to be integrated so that companies can solicit feedback and engage in the increasingly-important dialogue that’s taking place online.”

Other new features incorporated into the updated Rite-Hite site include: an improved reference center, which allows visitors to search and view the company’s latest product literature, brochures, case studies, drawings, and manuals; an enhanced media library, which houses all Rite-Hite videos and photos; an updated search function; a new blog, which highlights the latest company updates as well as insights from Rite-Hite employees; and a “get news” section, which will deliver relevant industry updates and provide third-party informational resources.

“Another new feature that we’re excited about is our customized content management system,” Weigand continued. “While technically behind-the-scenes, this feature will allow us to update the site regularly so that we’re always providing the most current information to our web visitors and also giving them a reason to come back and explore the new site frequently.”

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Publication date:03/07/2011