The vertical stack water-source heat pumps are quiet and efficient heating and air conditioning units offering maximum comfort in single-zone environments in multiple-floor buildings, such as senior living facilities, dormitories, apartments, condos, offices, and hotels. They minimize vibration and noise transmission to the cabinet and wall structure with factory-installed vibration isolators, integral to the chassis support rails. A compressor mass plate minimizes vibration from compressor to chassis, and a compressor sound blanket is available for select sizes for noise-sensitive applications. The heat pumps offer efficiencies up to 15.7 EER. They are available in multiple unit sizes from ¾ through 3 tons, 2.6kW through 10.6kW. The units utilize a single set of risers for simplified installation. The chassis, which includes the complete refrigerant circuit, slides into the cabinet, simplifying service and maintenance. When a chassis requires service, it can be replaced in a matter of minutes with a spare and serviced remotely. The heat pumps are available with MicroTech® III Unit Controller with OpenChoices™ feature, making it easy to integrate these units with a building automation system. LonMark® (LonMark 3.4) and BACnet® communication modules are available as a factory or field-installed option.

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