SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn., and ELMSFORD, N.Y. - Coca-Cola Refreshments USA (CCR) announced that operations at its Elmsford, N.Y., production facility are being powered by two UTC Power fuel cells. UTC Power, a United Technologies Corp. company, installed and is operating two PureCell® Model 400 fuel cell systems that provide 35 percent of the electricity and heat required by the facility. The clean, efficient power plants will help the company lower its energy costs and further its sustainability efforts, specifically around energy conservation and water stewardship.

“By producing clean power on-site with fuel cells, Coca-Cola Refreshments will reduce the amount of electricity drawn from the utility grid, which will result in less air pollution and greater water savings,” said Neal Montany, director of UTC Power stationary fuel cell business. “UTC Power is delighted to be associated with CCR and we are proud that our fuel cells are helping CCR achieve its sustainability goals.”

The UTC Power fuel cells on-site at CCR are capable of operating independent of the local utility power company. If there’s a large-scale power outage in the Elmsford area, the fuel cells will allow select operations to continue at the facility, while grid power is being restored.

Fuel cells produce electricity, heat, and water through an electrochemical process, and are one of the cleanest energy-generation sources available. Coca-Cola Refreshments will prevent the release of more than 2,635 metric tons of carbon dioxide and more than 4 metric tons of nitrogen oxide emissions by using the fuel cells instead of utility power.

“Coca-Cola is focusing on implementing green innovations and initiatives to reduce our company’s overall environmental footprint at each step of our operations,” said John Lacey, sales center manager. “Use of these fuel cell systems at our Elmsford facility is one way in which we are working to achieve our 2020 environmental goals.”

Coca-Cola also recently signed a contract to install two more UTC Power fuel cells at its bottling plant in East Hartford, Conn.

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Publication date:12/06/2010