The NR83-DVC is the newest addition to the Noritz line of whole-home residential tankless water heaters. According to the company, it allows professional installers to make an even stronger environmental statement to cost-conscious homeowners looking to shrink their monthly fuel bills as well as their carbon footprints. The concentric-vented water heater saves energy (Energy Factor: 0.82) and protects the environment by heating water strictly on demand, while offering a longer product life cycle than storage tank-type models. Improvements in this generation of water heater include reduced amounts of lead in the water-flow servomotor, the lightning protector, and the circuit board; and reduced consumption of standby electricity. With inputs ranging from 18,000 to 180,000 Btuh and flow rates from 0.5 to 8.3 gpm, the unit is designed specifically for one-bathroom homes in the Northeast, the Midwest, and Canada, as well as two-bath residences in the Southeast and Southwest. At a 45°F rise in temperature, the unit will operate at a flow rate of 6.7 gpm, delivering water temperatures from 100° to 140°F.

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