SecureStart™ is an electronics module that protects single-phase Copeland® compressors from damaging low voltage while dramatically reducing nuisances, such as light flicker caused by current variations. By continuously monitoring motor current and voltage, the new module can reduce in-rush current by up to 75 percent during start-up and detect low supply voltage while the compressor is running, protecting against damage from low voltage or locked rotor. The module is easy to install across a range of applications where in-rush current is regulated or where voltage variations are common, ensuring more consistent starting performance and reducing compressor trips. The module can be used with Copeland Scroll® single-stage, Copeland Scroll Ultratech™ two-stage, or Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressors, and motors with a maximum operating current of 32 A. It is self-adjusting to the motor starting current, requiring no manual calibration. The delay function provides additional protection in case of emergency shutdown.

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