AMESBURY, Mass. - Munters Moisture Control Services (MCS) optimized its Code Blue® program - a unique concept that enables business owners and property managers to maximize the benefits of their business continuity and disaster recovery plans. The two-tier program delivers the dual benefit of risk awareness and prevention combined with a fast and effective business continuity response to fire and water damage incidents.

“Munter’s history and global experience in fire and water restoration allows us to fully understand the causes of fire and water damage and how planning can have a significant effect on reducing the overall impact of the incident - especially with regard to business interruption,” said Kelly Maynard, global business development manager - risk manager. “There will be no learning curve during an emergency because MCS already will be familiar with the structure and the plan. We can move rapidly to begin recovery work - a critical parameter to minimize the effects of water.”

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Publication date:05/31/2010