The Smart 10, 15, and 20 solar thermal collectors are designed for use in hot-water, radiant home heat, and swimming pool heating applications. They are engineered to withstand hailstones up to 1-inch diameter and wind gusts up to 155 mph. According to the manufacturer, the collectors provide excellent performance in both warm and cold climates and produce heat in both sunny and cloudy conditions due to superior tube and collector insulation. The panels are easily maintained and repaired since tubes can be individually replaced without leakage while the system remains operational. In operation, the liquid inside the collector’s manifold flows into the copper heat sleeves that carry the heat to a solar storage tank via direct flow. The liquid in the sleeves gets its heat from both the evacuated glass tube and the heat pipe. If the heat pipe fails, the copper sleeve still will continue to exchange heat to the liquid. The collectors have received the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation industry certification.

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