MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Contractor marketing expert Adams Hudson recognizes value. For years, this popular speaker and coach has preached “value-based marketing” to contractors through his Website, live events, and numerous publications.

His message hit a nerve, resulting in commensurate speaking fees edging $10,000 a day. Even with a bold guarantee of value gained, in 10 years he’s been asked to refund exactly one contractor out of 4,000 who’ve attended.

“He told me he was in a bad mood that day” laughed Hudson, “but I refunded him anyway.”

Still, that’s not a bad record. Yet something has been bothering him. “In this economy, the people who need this marketing message the most can’t afford it right now,” he explained. “Sort of like being sick, but the sure cure medicine is too expensive to get well.”

This is where that changes. Hudson is offering three seminars in Spring 2010, free of charge. This means there is no speaking fee whatsoever to the event host, and they can charge attendees whatever they want, or nothing. He said the “… information and strategies are the exact same as the paid-fee seminars, no change. All I ask is travel fees, and I fly coach.” Resuming seriousness, “Even the take-aways, stacks of handouts, and open-floor Q&A are the same. We just felt like it was time to do this, and fortunately we can.”

What do attendees learn at one of his “High Performance Marketing Seminars? A brief synopsis includes:

• How to generate maximum leads in minimum time at a lower cost per lead.

• Can you fire the Yellow Pages and live to tell about it?

• Why your Website is NOT generating the results you hoped: five very fixable cures.

• The exact ads that have generated triple digit leads for contractors across the United States.

• How much is too much? What to spend in different media all year long, for maximum results.

• Attendees get a free Marketing Plan calculator at the seminar.

• The number one costliest marketing mistake in all of contracting. He focuses on this toward the end, since this is the strategy that has given his most successful contractors record years, even during the current economy.

This list is only a start. Hudson will also guarantee results from the seminar. If your group is planning a Spring Dealer Meeting or Member Event, and are interested in a free speaker, submit a request to or fax to 334-262-1115. Include your name, company name, best month for seminar, size of invitation list, and “Why” you’d like to win. Hudson Ink will review all submissions. Deadline for submissions is Jan. 21, 2010.

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Publication date:01/11/2010