MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) annual statistics forecast for 2010 projects that residential air conditioning shipments will increase by 3 percent while commercial air conditioning shipments will decrease by 8 percent compared to the projected 2009 figures.

The 2008 actuals, projected 2009, and forecasted 2010 figures are as follows:

• Commercial air conditioning: Actual shipments in 2008 were 45,853. The projected year-end figure for 2009 shows a decrease of 9 percent to 39,000 while the forecast for 2010 projects an 8 percent decrease to 35,787.

• Residential air conditioning: Compared to the actual 2008 shipments of 228,110 the projected 2009 figure decreases by 19 percent to 185,000. The 2010 forecast increases over 2009 by 3 percent to 191,000.

• Residential furnaces: Actual 2008 shipments were 301,375. The projected year-end figure for 2009 shows a decrease of 6 percent to 283,000. The forecast for 2010 decreases over 2009 by less than 1 percent to 282,000.

“Residential air conditioning” means split system air conditioning and heat pumps up to 5 tons, “commercial air conditioning” means rooftops (combination heat/cool), packaged cooling and packaged heat pumps; “furnace” means residential forced air furnaces of all types (gas, oil, electric, and combination).

For more information, visit www.hrai.ca.

Publication date:01/18/2010