The CBRN detection system is designed to protect buildings, and the people within them, against both targeted airborne chemical and radiological attacks and accidental contamination.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Hill York’s hygreen Performance Group has agreed to become the authorized service provider and distributor in Florida of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) detection systems manufactured by Building Protection Systems Inc. (BPSI). BPSI’s technology is said to be a next generation detection system designed to operate without human intervention to actively and reliably protect buildings, mass transit stations, stadiums, and public events from airborne toxins.

Hill York will provide BPSI’s complete Sentry One lines of CBRN detection systems to protect workers and visitors, and critical infrastructure locations, throughout Florida.

According to Larry Clark, LEED AP, director of corporate business development at Hill York, “One of the goals of our hygreen Performance Group, since its inception in 2008, has been to provide advanced ventilation management strategies for commercial buildings. Although many of these projects may result in a significant energy savings, the primary objective of our solutions is to provide a cleaner, safer, indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for our clients. We believe BPSI’s breakthrough technology is the ideal solution to provide protection to Florida buildings, and the people within them, against both targeted airborne chemical and radiological attacks and accidental contamination. At a recent meeting of one of ASIS International’s local chapters, we had the opportunity to introduce some of South Florida’s leading security professionals to this technology and we were very pleased with their response.”

Greg Eiler, CEO of BPSI, stated, “Hill York is the oldest, largest - and arguably ‘greenest’ - HVAC contractor in Florida. Partnering with them supports our goals of rapidly hardening American businesses and public gathering places against the catastrophic outcome of a CBRN terrorist attack or accidental release.”

According to BPSI, its Sentry One Products are U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designated and have been protecting Fortune 100 office buildings in the New York market for almost two years without false alarms. In addition to its core product, the Building Sentry One, the line also includes the Metro Sentry One for protecting airports and transit stations, the Alpha Sentry One for protecting smaller buildings and schools, and the Mobile Sentry One trailer system for protecting the public at secure special events.

The Sentry One systems use sensor technology with proprietary firmware and software to detect and identify a toxic attack within seconds. The systems then automatically activate the desired protocol (such as shutting down the HVAC system in a building or halting train movement through a contaminated station) to protect occupants and isolate the dangerous toxins. Also, in parallel with the automated protocol activation, the system informs BPSI’s Remote Monitoring Center with real-time release data. The Remote Monitoring Center relays the real-time data to first responders to expedite a safe rescue and recovery.

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Publication date:03/22/2010