SEATTLE - Arctic Commercial Refrigeration, a supplier of new and used grocery store refrigeration equipment, has announced the opening of an online store and a 2,700-square-foot showroom at its Gold Bar, Wash., location. The company has also increased the stock available in the showroom at its Sechelt, British Columbia, office.

Serving customers in both the United States and Canada, Arctic Commercial Refrigeration facilitates the sale of used grocery equipment, such as walk-in coolers, display cases, freezers, commercial grade deli equipment, and more. The company also supplies new equipment for customers looking to buy a new walk-in cooler or other new commercial refrigeration equipment.

“Our customers are typically small business owners getting started. If they need to cut costs by buying used or refurbished grocery store equipment, we can help them. We also have the experience to help larger grocery chains replace equipment during a relocation or remodeling project,” said Theresa Westerlin, associate at Arctic Commercial Refrigeration.

In addition to buying and selling the equipment, Arctic Commercial Refrigeration also provides the storage, pick-up, and transportation service necessary for the closing of a store, a remodeling, or relocation. The firm services large chain grocers, as well as mini marts, bakeries, and restaurants.

By providing closure services, Arctic Commercial Refrigeration acquires the used commercial refrigeration equipment and other grocery store equipment, and can then pass along the savings to other clients.

To view the company’s inventory, or to find out more about its services, visit

Publication date:03/15/2010