Even before our six- to 20-ton T-Class® split systems went on the market, we knew we had product contractors would value. That’s because early in the design process, we interviewed contractors from across the U.S., asking what was important to them and their customers.

With what we learned, Lennox engineers were able to build in features that allow contractors to work more efficiently and keep their customers better satisfied.

“We want quicker installation”

Contractors wanted faster, easier installation and maintenance, so we designed compact indoor units no more than 30” wide to fit through standard 32” doorways. We designed flexible units for horizontal or vertical installation, and offered factory-installed static options, relocatable control boxes, as well as reversible drain pans. The units come fully assembled and ready to install.

“Less maintenance, too”

To cut down on maintenance, we used automatic belt tension idlers. We made service easier with slide-out blower motors and added access on up to four-sides on the indoor units. The cabinets are galvanized steel, with easy-to-clean, foil-faced insulation, and come with corrosion-resistant removable drain pans.

We also offer the option of MERV 10/16 filtration and UVC lights to keep coils clean and improve the air quality.

Contractors as efficiency experts

Today there’s more pressure on contractors to help their customers – facility managers, school boards and owners - do more with tighter budgets and smaller maintenance staff. That’s why our goal was to create reliable, easy-to-maintain units that don’t cost a lot to install and don’t need a lot of attention afterwards. Everything about our T-Class split systems was designed for faster unit commissioning, fewer callbacks, and less potential downtime during service.

We’re going to continue these conversations with contractors, and respond to what they ask us for. We think the result will help make every job a little easier, a little faster, and every contractor more productive.