COMPANY:Clive Samuels and Associates, Princeton, N.J.

INSTALLATION:Entire Outfit of Mechanical Systems


CUSTOMER:Emerson Climate Technologies’ Data Center, St. Louis

OBJECTIVE:Provide mechanical and electrical infrastructure that meet Emerson’s business needs and incorporate efficiency and sustainability principles.

DESCRIPTION:Emerson Climate Technologies’ new 35,000-square-foot corporate data center features state-of-the-art HVAC, plumbing, lighting, building power, and fire protection systems, all designed by Clive Samuels and Associates in collaboration with Fox Architects. The facility is being evaluated by the U.S. Green Building Council against its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold requirements for certification. To enhance the efficiency of the HVAC systems, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model was run to simulate space loads within the data center, and air devices were located to ensure optimal system performance. The data center’s lighting control system, which accounts for both artificial lighting inside the facility and daylight available outside the facility, dims the data center’s artificial lights when sufficient natural light is available, reducing the facility’s electricity consumption. The building’s systems also include the largest solar array in Missouri, which is capable of providing 100 kW of power.

“Our entire organization is committed to helping our clients meet their sustainability goals through more energy efficient means.”
- Alan Abramson, president of Clive Samuels and Associates

Publication date:10/12/2009