A heat pump has been added to the Luxaire® LX and Climasure™ Series of residential air conditioners and heat pumps. The unit improves year-round heating and cooling efficiencies, with an HSPF as high as 9.0 and a SEER of 14.5. A demand defrost system reduces energy costs by cycling the unit into defrost mode only when it is needed. The solid core filter drier, in combination with high-pressure and low-pressure relief valves, helps extend the life of the compressor. Coils constructed of copper tubing with aluminum fins ensure durability and long-lasting, efficient operation. Operation is also quiet, due to added sound insulation and special mounting to reduce noise. Fan blades are designed to move air quietly, and the upward airflow carries normal operating noise away from the home. The new 14.5 SEER heat pump is available in 1.5- to 5-ton capacities. Fully exposed refrigerant connections and a single panel covering the electrical controls make servicing the heat pump easy. In addition, secured reusable service valves on both the liquid and vapor sweat connections ensure easy evacuating and charging.

Johnson Controls, Attn: Walt Jacobe, Luxaire Brand Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069; 877-958-9247; www.joinluxaire.com

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