The Extended-Size Vision™ indoor air handlers are an alternative to installing multiple air handlers or a custom system for high-cfm applications. Available in capacities up to 100,000 cfm and with coil face areas up to 160 square feet, the units are available in dimensions up to 122 inches high and 228 inches wide. The Variable Dimensioning™ feature allows cabinet sizing in increments of four inches wide and two inches high up to the maximum. A heavy-duty, patent-pending base rail, up to 12 inches high, handles heavier component loads and allows for adequate condensate trapping. The patented splice collar provides easy and certain section-to-section fit and seal without additional nuts, bolts, screws, gasketing, or caulking. Fan selections include double-width, double-inlet airfoil wheels up to 49 inches in diameter; single-width, single-inlet (SWSI) airfoil plenum fans up to 66 inches in diameter; and dual SWSI airfoil plenum fans up to 49 inches in diameter. According to the manufacturer, factory-installed Digital Ready™ controls optimize air handler performance while minimizing installation costs.

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