One of the toughest maintenance jobs is cleaning coils and drain pans in hard-to- access packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs), splits and mini-splits, ductless systems, heat pumps, and window units. As many contractors have experienced, these units must often be removed to a parking lot or remote work area for cleaning, resulting in costly downtime and thermal discomfort while the unit is out of service. In addition, the cleaning process is time-consuming, and pressure washing or steam-cleaning must be performed very carefully to avoid damage to electrical components or fins. As a result, building owners often delay this troublesome maintenance task or neglect it altogether.

Steril-Aire developed the UVC Kit for Unitary Air Conditioners to address this well-known problem. The kit is designed for unitary systems of less than 5 tons that are typically used in hotels and motels, dormitories, apartments, homes, and smaller commercial, retail, and industrial environments. It installs quickly, easily, and safely with UVC lamp lengths and mounting options to fit major brands, delivering up to 2.5 times the output of competitive UVC products at HVAC operating temperatures for 3-4 times longer service life.

The germicidal UVC energy continuously cleans coils and drain pans, solving the maintenance problems described above while eliminating contractor or occupant exposure to cleaning chemicals. It also stops mold, bacteria, and viruses that contribute to poor IAQ, allergy and asthma discomfort, and the spread of infectious diseases. It also improves HVAC operational efficiency, saving on energy costs and extending equipment life by keeping unitary systems in “as-built” condition.