Hoshizaki C-100BAE-AD is a small ice machine designed for installation under standard or ADA height countertops. It is the only under counter self-contained cubelet machine available on the market, there are no competitive units. The unit uses a small stainless steel auger driven device to deliver up to 100 pounds of cubelet ice per day to a residence, a commercial office/lodging or small entertainment establishment. Installation, service and maintenance benefits include: - The contractor only has one water supply connection, one drain connection, and a power cord to plug in for the C-100 unit allowing for an uncomplicated, simple installation and maintenance. - Self-contained unit and narrow depth allow for an easy install, just slide the unit “in and out” of the customers preferred space. - Does not require any heavy lifting when installing or performing routine maintenance saving the contractor time and allowing them to work independently. - A drain pump can be inserted into a pre-defined space in the machine for applications without floor drains. - Troubleshooting is easy due to the simple controls and operation designed into the machine. The unit does not have a control board in the box, so the sequence of operation is uncomplicated for the contractor to diagnosis.

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