CRANSTON, R.I. - Taco has announced its 2009 Factory Training Schedule of advanced hydronics training sessions to be held at its Cranston, R.I., facility. Three advanced courses for hydronics installers and designers will be offered next year. Each class runs for two consecutive days. To participate, attendees must be registered Taco FloPro Team members.

The Complete Boiler Room (CBR) course, focusing on the latest in controls and products, will discuss sizing and near-boiler piping along with proper sizing/application of circulators and zone valves and zoning strategies. Extensive hands-on opportunities are part of the class.

The Strictly Radiant (SR) course focuses on all things radiant: concepts and theories behind radiant heating, real-world temperature control strategies, advanced zoning techniques, and boiler piping strategies - each with considerable hands-on opportunities. The Hydronic Heat Loss & Design (HHD) course focuses on how to conduct an accurate and effective residential heat loss analysis in two ways - with pencil and paper, the old fashioned way, and on laptops employing Taco’s newly introduced FloPro Design Software.

Classes are scheduled in three periods beginning at the end of February and concluding in mid-June 2009. Attendees must pay for their travel and all course tuition fees. Taco pays for hotel accommodations and meals.

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Publication date:12/01/2008