The EcoPod is a shock absorption pad that is used to reduce sound, vibrations, and pulsating of heavy equipment. Made from 100 percent recycled tire rubber, it is a compact, solid crumb rubber isolation block engineered to reduce structure noise transmission. When installed between the noise source and a secondary surface, the unit will minimize sound radiation through floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces such as sheet metal, fiberglass, glass, and plastic. According to the manufacturer, the EcoPod is unaffected by moisture, UV rays, grease, and oil. It can be mounted under the feet of slab- or rooftop-mounted air conditioners, heat pumps, and other refrigeration equipment to reduce structure-borne vibration noise. It can also be used to isolate vibration from pool pumps, generators, and other vibration-generating equipment as well as for use in isolating sheet metal enclosures.

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